Toddler Finger Painting Craft

Finger painting is a great natural sensory activity for kids. You can also create a beautiful canvas masterpiece from this simple activity. I decided to create this toddler finger painting craft because I love kid made art and I wanted to create something our daughter could look at years from now!

When we first started the activity, Izzy was a little unsure of the finger paint, but with exposure and practice she learned to love the messy craft.

See more details below to make your own toddler masterpiece out of finger paint.

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Looking for toddler finger paint ideas? Try this fun toddler finger painting craft! Heart of Deborah

Toddler Finger Painting Craft Supplies:

We purchased a few 12×12 canvases in bulk at a craft store last year. I love buying canvases and coming up with new craft ideas for our house. We had a few leftover so I thought why not let our daughter make her own canvas masterpiece.

Finger Painting Craft for ToddlersI used painter’s tape and made the letter E along with a simple heart. Make sure all the edges are sealed to the canvas. I taped a garbage bag to our kitchen table to help control the mess, it also made clean up quick. 

Looking for toddler finger paint ideas? Try this fun toddler finger painting craft! Heart of Deborah

Then let your toddler get to work. I helped our daughter with some of the painting since she was new to the paint and not sure how to spread it across the canvas. You can also give your child a paint brush to create a brushed work of art. 

Looking for toddler finger paint ideas? Try this fun toddler finger painting craft! Heart of Deborah

I let the canvas dry for about 1 hour then I peeled off the painter’s tape. We were left with a beautiful creation! We have it displayed on the bookshelf in our daughter’s play area.

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Looking for an indoor activity for your child? Engage in sensory play and create a canvas masterpiece with this brilliant finger paint craft. Keep your toddler busy and try this EASY toddler finger painting craft.

Does you toddler love painting?

What is your favorite toddler finger painting craft?

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  1. I LOVE this! I’m so gonna do this with my toddlers. I’ve been looking for a cute Christmas present idea for my mom. Maybe something that says “Grammy”? So many possibilities! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. I am constantly on the look out for activities to keep my son busy and this is a great keepsake. I can’t wait to try this with him! Thanks for sharing your great idea

  3. What type of finger paint do you recommend? I’d love something that was safe to eat. Saw some recipes for making paints with food color and yogurt, but I feel like that wouldn’t work for a piece you wanted to keep like this one. I really like it!

      1. I would not recommend an edible paint. However, Crayola products are non-toxic and will not harm your toddler should some get in their mouths. -mom of 5 and preschool teacher / babysitter of many

  4. I’m going to start running a mums and tots group after the summer holidays and would love to do this as a craft activity. Obviously I won’t be able to buy every child their own canvas… Would this work on paper or would the tape rip the paper when it’s pulled off? Does anyone know? Thanks.

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