4 Month Update

I’m a few days late writing this update, but life has been so busy. I just looked back on your 3 month update and you look so different already! You continue to be a smiley baby and you love watching your sister. You sometimes get distracted when you are eating because you want to see what she is up to. I’m so grateful that you guys love each other.

Baby boy is 4 months old! Here is his journey to one.

IJ you are becoming a pro at rolling from belly to back. It still occasionally disrupts your sleep, but now when you wake up you often roll and look around your room for 10 minutes before you cry for mommy. You are very curious and seem very aware of your surroundings. Everyone comments on your big beautiful brown eyes! You love to be held and you are a cuddler for sure.

We recently compared your baby photo with your Pop and you look almost identical. I love seeing your big smile. You are wearing 6-12 month and 9 month clothes and you love to eat just like your sister!

Baby boy is 4 months old! Here is his journey to one.

Right around 4 months you went through a cranky period where you just weren’t happy. That was unusual for you because you are typically very content. You seem to be coming out of the funk and back to your smiley self! You are starting to experiment with different sounds and it’s so sweet to hear you coo. I think next month you will be touching your toes. You are getting really close and can almost grab them when you are on your back. We love watching you grow!

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Baby boy is 4 months old! Here is his journey to one.

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