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Do you like change? Sometimes I like trying new things and other times I’m resistant and want to stick to my old habits. Although I may sometimes be resistant to change, I am enjoying the ‘new’ things in our life lately.

Recently I started menu planning. I always kind of knew what I was going to make for the week. Now I am officially writing down Izzy’s lunch menu and our dinner menu. Overall, I am trying to be more organized about food. It may sound simple, but I feel like it’s ground breaking. I enjoy cooking and with food I like trying new things!

Now that Izzy isn’t eating purees I need to be more intentional about her meals. She loves fruits and vegetables, but I want to ensure she has enough protein and fat in her diet. We made a trip to Wegmans this week and stocked up on so many yummy things. 

Here is what I am going to make for Izzy this week:

  • Asian stir-fry (with fresh veggies from our garden) over Quinoa
  • White beans with creamy spinach
  • Rotisserie chicken with curry yogurt dressing
  • Banana with almond and/or cashew butter
trying something new, wegmans grocery shopping
Some of the new condiments we tried from Wegmans

I am also trying some new crafting projects this week. Since Izzy has been born I haven’t made as much time for crafting. However, we have a special birthday coming up July 30th so I decided to bust out my crafting supplies and make a trip to Hobby Lobby.


I love DIY projects, but I find it’s difficult with a little one always getting into things. Which leads me to another new development. Izzy is now standing without holding on to anything. It’s exciting to see her do new things and transition from an infant to a toddler. But I do find myself cherishing and missing some of her baby-ness. Isn’t it funny how life works…I was so ready for her to become more independent and to finally wean her and now that it is possible, I’m sad. Another reason I need to try to live in the moment.

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Lastly as you know I love reading, especially with Izzy. One of my favorite childhood books is becoming a movie. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day is coming to movie theaters thanks to Disney. Did you read this book growing up?

Are you trying something new? I’d love to hear from you!



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