Spring Break Family Style

Happy April 1st! I can’t believe it is already April. Maybe it doesn’t feel like it because the weather is still cold in Pennsylvania. Can you believe it snowed here last night? So crazy. This year we are doing spring break family style. Thankfully my husband has two weeks of vacation. It is such a blessing to have him around especially since he typically works 70+ hours a week. Last weekend, we went on a road trip to Washington D.C. and Baltimore. Then on Monday we headed back to PA to look at new houses. We are moving in June/July.

Port-DiscoveryIzzy loved our trip to Port Discovery in the Baltimore harbor. It was a great museum and fairly affordable. She loved climbing and running around as well as pretending to bake one of Nona’s famous pies in the play kitchen area. My husband and I also went to our first NBA basketball game while Izzy spent some time with her grandparents. It was great to catch up with friends, but it made us appreciative of the slower pace of life in Pennsylvania. Traffic in D.C. is crazy.

Play-KitchenSpeaking of driving and traffic we have been in the car a lot lately. Izzy isn’t the biggest fan of the car. Although her car seat is comfortable, she would rather be running and exploring. For our last trip out to look at houses we turned her car seat around. She is 20 months, but in the 90th percentile for both height and weight. I know the recommended age is 2 for forward facing, but she loved it so much she even fell asleep. This is a huge deal!  I cannot remember the last time this happened. Maybe when she was 9 months old!?

Sleepy-babyWhat do you think? Are you waiting to turn your child around? Should you base it off of weight/height or age? Lastly, we have enjoyed some time to just relax and rest in our pajamas. Isn’t it great to just take it slow sometimes?

How did you celebrate your spring break?


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