What to Wear for Photo Shoot

What to Wear for Photo Shoot

As you know I love photographs. My family has always enjoyed taking pictures and creating unique crafts with out of them. We recently had a photo shoot for our daughter’s first birthday and it got me thinking. What is the best outfit to wear for a photo shoot? I decided to write down my tips and what we thought about before we went to our family photo shoot. Be sure to also check out my tips for toddler photos.

What to Wear for Photo Shoot – 6 Practical Tips

  • Colors – Before you decide on clothes think about coordinating colors. I like this tip from Kinowear: don’t have more than 3 colors in your outfit. You can also apply this rule to choosing outfits for a family photo shoot. For our most recent pictures I decided to dress our daughter in a neutral color (creme) and my husband and I wore variations of blue. 
  • Contrast & Location – Where are you getting your pictures taken? This can help determine what outfit to wear. If you decide on a natural setting such as a park or field of flowers I think it’s best to go with a softer palette. To me personally, bright and bold colors create an unwanted bold contrast against the natural setting.
  • Think About Props – Props can add an element of fun to your photo shoot. Whether it means adding balloons, chalkboards, antiques, quilts, hats or bows plan to bring some extra props for your pictures. Be sure to coordinate the colors of the props with your outfit.
  • Accessories? Yes or No? – Think about the accessories you will be adding to your wardrobe. Choose jewelry that will compliment your outfit and make it look complete. Consider what you want your focal point to be in the photograph. Will you be upset if your flashy necklace is the first thing people notice? Another thing I noticed during our last photo shoot, shoes! I don’t like the pictures with your daughter in shoes as much as the photos with her bare feet showing. In nature, there is something sweet about a barefooted child. Consider shoes before you head out the door, chances are they will show up in the pictures.
  • Limit Patterns – I tried to keep the patterns to a minimum in our photo shoot. Again, I don’t want the crazy pattern to become the focal point of the picture. If you aren’t a fan of plain colored outfits instead of patterns choose subtle textures.
  • Plan Ahead – If you are going to be spending money on the pictures, you want to make it worth your money! Think about coordinating clothes, location, accessories and props ahead of time. You may also want to consider bringing an outfit change. Additionally, look through Pinterest and share some photo ideas with your photographer. Imagine the photographs hanging in your house. What do you envision? 

What was most helpful during your family photo shoot?

Here are a few more pictures from photo shoots we’ve had along the way:

What to Wear for Photo Shoot



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