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ladies night out favorite things party

Last week I attended a favorite things party and it was so much fun. Have you ever been to one? I am involved in a support group for resident’s wives and this was a unique ladies’ night out. I loved the party because it was a time to get out and talk to other women and I came home with 4 new favorite things. Here is how the party works: 

  • Everyone attending the party brings 4 of their favorite thing costing approximately $6. Our group decided on the budget beforehand. You can make it whatever fits your group of women. I brought 4 bags of Dunkin Donut’s Pumpkin Spiced Coffee (my guilty pleasure).
  • It takes some prep work on the person organizing the party. First, you need to make sure everyone RSVPs. Then you create name tags for each person attending the party. See the table example below.


  • When everyone arrives at the party they write down their names on 4 pieces of paper and place them in a large basket (basket 1). Then they place their 4 favorite things by their name tag. 
  • After everyone arrives, the host places the name tags in a separate basket (basket 2) and pulls one out. This person goes first. They go up to the large table and talk about their favorite thing. Then they pull 4 names out of the first basket. Those four names win the item from the person presenting. To decide who goes next pull a name tag out of basket 2. The game continues until everyone’s favorite things are given out. 
  • At the end of the game you can allow time for trading. 

Here are some great examples of items people brought to the favorite things party.

  • Coffee or tea with mug
  • Flavor infuser water bottle
  • Beauty products (eye shadow, shampoo/conditioner, Jamberry nails, etc.)
  • Snacks (apple cider & ginger cookies, gift cards to frozen yogurt stores, chocolate, etc.)
  • Entertainment such as DVDs and novels

Have you ever been to a favorite things party?

What would you bring with you?

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  1. Oh wow – what a good idea!!! I love themed ” girls night” gatherings. This sounds like something my friends and I would really enjoy doing.

    As for what I’d bring… That’s a really good question. After some thought, I’d bring a thing of Palmer’s Cocoa Body Butter, a bottle of Metromint Peppermint water I found and am addicted to, a box of gushers because, well… they’re fantastic… And some Scentsy wax in the smell of “Beach.” It’s really nice, light and pretty dang delicious-smelling!


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