What Is Your Ultimate Hope?

What is your ultimate hope? What are you waiting for right now? I believe we were all created to hope. It’s a wonderful thing in this life, we can dream about future possibilities and take the steps to achieve them.

When we are in situations or seasons we don’t necessarily like we have the hope that one day it will get better. Hope can steady us, ground us and give us confidence.

But what happens when hope fails us? When we are left feeling disappointed or discouraged? When we are constantly thinking I’ll be happy when ___

In my own live, I’ve put my hope in my ability to run a household, our finances, eating organic food, my health, my husband and my family.

These hopes aren’t necessarily bad, but they may fail me. Then what do I do? Ultimately, a problem arises when I put my hope in earthly matters before my hope in God.

What is your ultimate hope? My hope isn't just optimism or wishful thinking. It's a conviction that God is control and will help, strengthen and guide me. Women of faith and encouragement at Heartofdeborah.com

So this brings me back to the first question: What is my ultimate hope? Our pastor recently asked us this question and it shook me. It touched my heart.

At different points in my life I find myself wishing or hoping for more. Thinking things like, “I wish I had more me-time” or “I’ll be happy when the sun comes out” or “I wish we weren’t all sick and stuck at home.”

It’s okay to acknowledge our hopes and dreams for the future, but God wants more for us. His desire is to fill us with inexpressible hope and joy right now. Not as a future event. 

When my hope is in Jesus, things change. As our pastor outlined, my hope is no longer optimism or wishing things will turn out okay.

My hope turns into a conviction that it’s going turn out to be God.

Lord please help us to look to you. For you the first and the last. Our strength. Our shelter from trouble. The unshakeable rock. 

At the end of my life, the only hope that will matter is my hope in God. Jesus gave His life so that I could have mine. Are we living like we believe this? 

What is your ultimate hope?

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  1. Love this – especially since I just published a post about hope this morning! How thankful I am that when I hope in God, I will never be disappointed. His promises are always fulfilled, and I can wait on Him with a hope that is confident and secure.

    Have a great day!!

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