5 Ways to Show Love

Are you in a busy season in your life? Sometimes it can feel like all I do is take care of the kids, cook and straighten up or “try” to clean. I’ve talked about finding my mission in life previously and it is something I think about often. Right now I feel called to be a wife and a mother, but that doesn’t mean I can’t extend my love to others. To remind myself how a simple act of love can make a huge difference I made a list of 5 simple ways to show love to someone else. You can use this list for your spouse, friend, mother, sister, children, etc.

5 easy and practical ways to show love to your friends, kids and spouse during the busy seasons of life.

5 Ways to Show Love During Busy Seasons in Life

  • Send a note – Who doesn’t love getting a handwritten letter in the mail? Take 5 minutes out of your day and write an encouraging note to your spouse, a family member or a friend. Add a positive affirmation heart to your kid’s lunch box. You can brighten their day by simply telling them you are thinking of them or praying for them.
  • Help someone – Be available! Even when you are out at the grocery store you can share God’s love. If you see someone needing help with their groceries lend a helping hand. You may never know how your seemingly simple act changed someone’s life. It may be small things, but you can bless others by asking what you can do to help them. One of the most practical ways we have received love recently is by meals! Getting a home cooked meal from a friend has truly blessed us. 
  • Be a listening ear – Sometimes people just need to vent. Instead of complaining about your never ending to-do list, let someone else talk. It feels great when someone validates your feelings and just listens! Your friend, spouse, or children may not need advice, but just someone to talk to.
  • Give – You can show love to others by giving time, money, talents, etc.! My husband’s love language is gifts. Take a free assessment to find your love language. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but he loves when I have a ‘treat’ for him even if it’s just a pack of gum. We also sponsor a child through Compassion International. We love supporting a child as well as the chance to write him letters and pray for him. Our hope is as our children get older they will be able to write our sponsored child letters as well and understand what it means to give to those less fortunate. 
  • Pray – The prayers of the righteous availeth (benefit, profit) much. This seems so simple, but it can be easy to forget to pray when you are chasing children around. I challenge you to find 10-15 minutes a day to pray for others. Your prayers are heard by God and you can move mountains by your faith. Lastly, pray that God would show you ways to bless others. He may bring someone to mind and show you how you can help them.

My mother in law sent me a quote by Andy Stanley a few years ago and I just love it. “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise.”

How do you share love during busy seasons in your life?

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  1. I love these reminders. When we’re busy, it’s so easy to focus on ourselves and forget everything around us. It isn’t hard. It’s totally doable. And I need to do it better. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for these simple yet effective ways to show love, even when we’re busy! I need to be better about writing little notes for my family. My sister and I live in different states, so I like to send her quick texts from time to time just to let her know that I’m thinking about her. Anything I can do to focus on others, even for a few minutes, is good!!

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