Toddler Summer Bucket List

Have you ever created a bucket list? I’ve never officially written one down, but I always have a few ideas in my head that I want to accomplish within a specific time frame. I thought it would be fun to create a toddler summer bucket list for Izzy this year. As I’ve said before there are so many fun ideas on Pinterest it can sometimes be overwhelming! When I write things down I am more likely to do them. 

We are moving this Friday/Saturday and I know I will need to have some activities ready to keep Izzy busy when I am unloading boxes. Here is a list of 10 indoor and outdoor activities that are perfect for your toddler’s summer schedule!

Toddler Summer Bucket List

Outdoor Activities

  • Simple Mud Kitchen: This will be perfect for Izzy. It’s such a simple idea yet I’m sure many kids enjoy this for hours. I love that Louise at Messy Little Monster used everyday items to create her mud kitchen. As she states it doesn’t have to be perfect to be fun!
  • Ice and Water Sensory Play: Our daughter loves to splash around in the water. This activity is perfect for one of those hot summer days. The Jenny Evolution gives you multiple ideas to create fun and safe ice sensory play for toddlers and babies. 
  • Pretend Camping: I love the simple and easy ideas Little Bins for Little Hands shares for backyard play. Izzy would love to play in her Ikea tent and go “pretend” camping. She may need a little help getting started, but I could see her playing in this outside for a while.
  • Summer Garden: Even though we are moving I am still considering a summer garden. There is nothing better than fresh fruits and vegetables from your own backyard. Mama’s Happy Hive shares some great ideas to get your kids involved in gardening.
  • Mural Artwork: What a great way to let kids be messy without destroying your house. Izzy will love this swatter mural art activity. Another simple yet entertaining activity for toddlers from Playground Parkbench.

Looking for simple, easy and affordable kid's activities? Check out these 10 outdoor & indoor activities to add to your toddler summer bucket list!

Indoor Activities

  • Felt Button Chain: Izzy is obsessed with buckles. She will often stand by her highchair and practicing buckling for 15 plus minutes. I think if she can master a button she will LOVE this felt button chain from Kids Activities Blog.
  • Kid’s Songs with Motions: Recently Izzy has been asking for me to turn on music. She loves the Kidsongs Radio on iTunes. Now that she is older she can do a lot of the hand motions on her own. It’s a great little distraction when I am cooking dinner or need some alone time. Our goal is to learn some new songs with hand motions this summer.
  • Pom-Pom Play: If you remember Izzy loved putting in the shredded paper when we made our Sesame Street Christmas Ornaments. I think this pom pom activity would keep her busy as well. Best part, it’s super cheap and easy to set up!
  • Toddler Finger Painting Craft: I definitely want to try this again with Izzy. The first time we did it she was a little hesitant to get her hands messy. Now that she is older I think she would love to create more designs and artwork to hang in her room.
  • Walking on Pillows: This is a super easy activity that is perfect for a hot summer day. As a pregnant mom I don’t always want to go outside. Izzy would love an obstacle course or trail of pillows to run, bounce and climb on.

What is on your summer bucket list?

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