Saying Goodbye, End of Residency

Well it’s almost time to load the moving truck and get out of here. Dealing with change isn’t always easy for me, but I think I am getting better at it. When I was a child, maybe five years old, I remember some of our good family friends moving away. I seriously think I cried every night for a week. I guess you could call me emotional, sensitive and sentimental. I’ve held it together fairly well so far, but there have definitely been moments of tears. My husband recently joked, we are moving closer to your family and friends shouldn’t you be happy!?

Gardening at our first house. Heart of Deborah
Our first garden together! Can’t wait to do this at our new house as well.

I am very happy and excited about moving. At the same time, this was our first house together. We truly made it ours and although we only made small changes (paint, light fixtures, etc.) it really felt like a home. It was also the place we brought Izzy home to when she was born! I’ve been trying to take pictures and videos so she can look back and see what her first room and house looked like. My tears haven’t been sadness, but joy and thankfulness for all that God has done in our lives over the last three years.

Saying Goodbye. Heart of Deborah
Playing outside in our neighborhood.
Saying Goodbye. Heart of Deborah
One of my favorite rooms! Our baby girl’s nursery.

As I’ve been thinking about saying goodbye I am reminded of the scripture in Ecclesiastes 3:1 “To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven.” God blessed us with a wonderful home and so many great friends during Darryl’s residency. One of the biggest blessings for me was the support group for resident’s wives. Depending on the rotation Darryl worked between 50-80+ hours a week. There were many times when it was just Izzy and me. The support group was great because I met other women who were in the same boat. We had playgroup once a week and we enjoyed monthly ladies night out events. It was nice to have other people that could relate to our situation with Darryl being a resident. I’m also thankful he will no longer have to complete 24 hour call shirts or any overnight shifts! PTL.

Saying Goodbye. Heart of Deborah
One of his many call days. Thankful for no more 24 hour or overnight shifts!

I’m grateful for all the experiences we’ve had here, the good and the bad. Thank you to everyone who made our ride during residency special, blessed and enjoyable 🙂

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