Father’s Day Crafts DIY

Father’s Day is right around the corner and this year we have an extra special reason to celebrate! It will be Darryl’s first Father’s Day as a father. I love creating new things and doing crafts, so this year Izzy completed her first craft. I also think it’s great to get children involved in the celebration. I created this simple, yet adorable craft for kids of all ages. Here are the steps to complete yourself as well as links to free downloads.

DIY Father's day craft with kids! Includes free printable.

1. Print the Daughter’s First Love or Son’s First Hero sign on photo paper.

2. If your child is able have him or her color in the “daddy” letters. If not you can find your favorite colored pencils, markets, etc. to color yourself.

father's day craft with kids, free printables

3. Find a special piece of scrapbook paper and trace your little one’s hands. I love having their handprint documented! It’s so fun to compare how their little hands have grown.

father's day craft with kids, free printables

4. Cut out the handprints. We added a special heart in the palm of the hand so daddy knows he has Izzy’s heart!

father's day craft with kids, free printables

5. Glue on the handprints and frame your finished product! It’s a wonderful craft to hang in an office and to eventually save in a scrapbook.

father's day craft with kids, free printables

Here are some other fun Father’s Day crafts we will be doing this year! Finding special daddy and daughter books for bedtime reading! Darryl also loves root beer and I Heart Nap Time has the cutest root bear float kit with free printables! Check it out.

father's day crafts, root bear float kit

As you may know I love chalkboards. So when I saw this chalkboard art from Crafty Texas Girls I was ecstatic. It’s super cute and it can last forever when you take a picture.

father's day crafts, chalkboard design


Are you planning a craft this Father’s Day? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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  1. Cute! And I really love the root beer float kit idea!
    Every year, Chuck and his siblings make a “Father’s Day Book” for their dad–each kid has a page with name, age, current height and weight, picture… There’s usually some sort of theme (for example, one year they each picked a cereal, and used the box w/ their pic, their info for the nutritional info, etc.) I’m so excited to make one for Chuck this year! (although it will be about a page long, obviously, and probably won’t have a theme!)

    1. That sounds like an awesome gift! I hope you write about it on your blog so I can check it out. I never heard of something like that. Do they do it for Mother’s Day as well? 🙂

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