Pregnancy Update: 31 Weeks

Wow a lot has been going on in our household the past few weeks! We moved in and are slowly getting settled. I think it is starting to hit me and our toddler more this week. Although we love our new house, we are still making adjustments to make it feel like “home.” We can’t wait for Darryl to be officially done with residency, tomorrow. It will be so nice to have him home for a few weeks before he starts his new job as an attending physician at an outpatient clinic. I’m also starting to feel very pregnant. It’s crazy to think our baby boy could be here in 9 short weeks. Although, I’m not getting my hopes up since Izzy was almost 2 weeks late. We need to choose a name for him fast! So let’s get to the update:


How am I feeling?

I feel truly blessed to say I still feel “good.” Certainly there are days where I feel achy and it’s getting increasingly difficult to pick up my 30 pound toddler. That being said, I can’t complain. I am feeling a little more emotional recently, but I’m thinking it’s from all the life changes happening. Also the reality of sleepless nights is starting to hit me. I love my sleep!

What am I craving? 

Pretzels and cheese. Foods that are not good for you. I am still trying to eat a lot of fruit and veggies, but with the move I didn’t make the best food choices. Hopefully in the next few weeks I can get back to eating green smoothies and healthy meals.

How I’m changing?

My belly is certainly growing. Although this is my second pregnancy it still amazes me to think a baby fits in there with all of my organs. I guess that is why I occasionally experience heartburn. There is no room for all the food I am eating! Right now I can still see my toes. I’m sure in the next few weeks my belly will continue to expand as the baby will double his weight. 

What am I looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to relaxing with my husband the next few weeks. There are a few things we want to get done around the house and it will be great to have him home before the true craziness begins (life with 2 kids). I’ve also been loving the water lately. It feels so good to be “weightless” in the pool. Izzy has also been loving the water and it’s so fun seeing her splash and giggle.

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