Natural Remedies to Relieve Headaches During Pregnancy

They joy when you find out you are expecting a precious baby is exhilarating! So many thoughts ran through my head and I could barely contain my excitement. Then a few weeks later the headaches during pregnancy started.
Whoa! No one told me about this. It was painful and no fun.
As a family we try to not to take medication unless it is absolutely necessary, but I needed relief for my pounding head. My husband always laughs at this because he works in the field of medicine, but I prefer to use natural remedies to heal aches and pains.
Doctors are starting to do more research on interactions with over the counter medicine during pregnancy. For me, I just didn’t want to risk it.
Recently, there was an association found between mothers who used tylenol during pregnancy and children with ADHD. Although more research is needed to explore the cause and effect I’d rather err on the side of caution and use natural remedies to relieve headaches!
So here is a list I created of natural remedies to relieve headaches during pregnancy.
Maybe you can try one of these first before you reach for the bottle of tylenol. That being said, I have taken tylenol a few times in pregnancy. Don’t feel shame if you need it! 
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Do you suffer from headaches during pregnancy? If you want to avoid taking extra medicine try one of these natural remedies to relieve headaches during pregnancy!

Natural Remedies to Relieve Headaches During Pregnancy:

Hot compress:

I love my microwavable heat pack! It’s a small rice pack you pop in the microwave and apply to your forehead. Heat can relieve stress or sinus pressure and relax tense muscles.

They also have lavender scented heat compresses, which can be super relaxing! I usually try to go to a dark, calm room while I’m using the compress. 

Cold compress:

Some people prefer to use cold compresses rather than a warm one. Cold temperatures can also reduce tension and help you relax.

Try both and see which works best for you.

Drink more water:

Are you dehydrated? Try drinking some more water! This may be the cause of your headache. Drinking enough liquids is especially important for pregnant women.

Eat a small snack:

When I was pregnant I needed my small snacks throughout the day. It helped with nausea and headaches.

You may also want to consider tracking the foods you eat. You could be eating foods that actually trigger headaches.

Head/scalp massage:

Ask a friend or loved one for this. Nothing beats a good massage! It will definitely help you relax.  I’ve also found pressure points to be helpful with aches and pains.

Essential Oils:

Some people swear by their essential oils and aromatherapy. Be careful if you are pregnant and be sure to do your research or talk to your OB-GYN before you start rubbing oil all over yourself.

You don't have to suffer from headaches during pregnancy. There are natural ways to get rid of the headache. Read about the remedies here!

Take a bath:

Relax! Dim the lights, turn on relaxing music, and enjoy some quiet time in a warm tub. It may be just what you need to get rid of that nasty pain in your head.

Hot water with lemon:

I have friends who swear by this! It’s worth a try and there so many other health benefits from drinking lemon water. I usually start my day out with a warm cup of it.

Get fresh air:

Sometimes you just need a bit of fresh air and exercise. Light exercise or movement may help along with the fresh air. Get outside for 15 minutes a day even if it’s cold!

Check your caffeine intake:

During pregnancy most doctors recommend limiting your caffeine intake. Has this changed? Are you in caffeine withdraw? If yes, it should go away in a few days. Talk to your doctor about the recommended amount for each trimester.

Do you deal with chronic headaches?

What natural remedies have you found to be most helpful?

I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments below!

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  1. Saw this on the Barn Hop! Thank you for sharing! These are so helpful! I am pregnant too, with our second and headaches stinks! Can’t wait to try these and share them with other pregnant friends!! {www.redeemingtheday.com}

  2. While these help mild headaches, I have found that the migraines I get because of pregnancy have only been helped since I started taking 1000 iu of magnesium daily (as recommended by my midwife). While I hate medication, I have found that once I get a bad headache, only Tylenol mixed with caffeine (ie coffee or soda) helps. A dark room also helps.

  3. My migraines tripled during pregnancy… like 2 a week that can leave me down for the count for hours or even days. I love my rice heat pack ( I made mine from a sock , rice, and a hair band). I use peppermint oil that my husband is so kind to rub on my head and feet. My OBGYN had suggested I continue to use my peppermint oil for pain.I totally agree with the scalp massage- on migraine nights my husband washes my hair and massages my scalp. A really helpful purchase especially for migraine sufferers is blackout shades this way my room and the bathroom can be dark anytime and not cause me so much pain. I have certainly found snacking through the day helps, I don’t leave home without a snack and water bottle in my purse. I’m like you and prefer not to use meds, I have a few times so far this pregnancy but have held off as long as I could… my husband is super supportive of this so he goes above and beyond helping me.

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