Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks

Life has been busy lately! We had a great time celebrating Memorial Day in Maryland with family and friends. The weather was warm, but it didn’t stop Izzy from running around the picnic area all day. This week we are closing on our current house and I’m starting to feel sentimental. I’ve been trying to take more videos and pictures of Izzy so she knows all about the house she was brought home to. June will also be a busy month with moving, Darryl’s birthday and entering my third trimester. We are excited for the journey ahead. 

Pregnancy Update: 26 Weeks Pregnancy With Baby Number Two, A BOY! Heart of Deborah

How am I feeling?

I am still feeling pretty good. My shoulders continue to hurt when sleeping at night, but I’m super excited because we just ordered a new mattress. Izzy has been sleeping on a latex mattress since birth and now we can finally join her. I’m hoping our new mattress will help with some of the common pregnancy aches and pains. Our mattress should be here by next week, hooray!

What am I craving? 

I’m craving fruit and spicy food. I love hot sauce on everything! I’ve also added red raspberry leaf iced tea to my diet this week. It’s supposed to help with labor and delivery pains. We have been buying a lot of mangos because they are in season and cheap at the grocery store. On a side note, I recently learned about irradiated foods. It’s not a good thing! Basically food is put through radiation treatment to ensure all the bad bacteria is killed. It leaves me wondering what else is it killing or modifying? Fruits and vegetables, especially from Mexico, are a big target so read the labels before buying fruit.

How I’m changing?

My belly is growing for sure. Even though I’m not weighing myself this pregnancy, I’ve been comparing bump photos with my first pregnancy. It seems like baby boy is sitting lower and is the same size or slightly bigger. I love feeling his kicks. Thankfully he seems fairly active during the day and not at night. Our first baby had her days and nights confused for a few weeks when she was first born.

What am I looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to swimming! I love swimming while pregnant. It feels great when you are “weightless” in the water. The weather is starting to get hot and humid so the refreshing pool water will feel amazing. One benefit of our move is being closer to my grandparent’s pool. I can’t wait to splash around and get some exercise while swimming.

Here are some family pictures from Memorial Day Weekend:



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