Red Raspberry Leaf Iced Tea Recipe

Now that I am in the second trimester I’ve started to drink red raspberry leaf iced tea. I’ve heard so many great things about raspberry tea like it can possibly ease labor pains. Now I understand there is no guarantee, but I thought why not give a try this pregnancy! 

I ended up really liking the flavor and it is now one of my favorite pregnancy essentials. I’d love to have an “easier” labor (if there is such a thing) and I thought it can’t hurt to try.

According to WebMD, there may be antioxidants in red raspberry that help to relax blood vessels.

This may cause muscles to contract or relax. Many women drink it hoping to ease labor and delivery pain.

It’s still debated in the medical community whether or not there is scientific evidence to prove red raspberry leaf tea will significantly impact labor, but I thought it can’t hurt to try!

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Drinking red raspberry leaf iced tea during pregnancy may ease labor pains. Here is a recipe for red raspberry leaf iced tea using lemonade as a sweetener. #recipe #pregnancy #redraspberry #naturalpregnancy

I’m not the biggest fan of hot tea. For some reason I prefer iced tea. I’ve tried a few recipes and methods to make red raspberry leaf iced tea and I think I’ve finally perfected it. If you love half iced tea, half lemonade you will love this recipe. Even my husband said it tasted good.

Ingredients and products I use to make my raspberry leaf iced tea:

Glass Pitcher with Lid

Traditional Medicinals Organic, Raspberry Leaf

Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade

Pyrex Glass 2-Cup Measuring Cup

Directions to make your own raspberry leaf iced tea:

Bring 2 cups of water to boil. Pour boiling water over 4-5 tea bags. I place my tea bags in the measuring cup to steep.

Next, steep the bags for at least 5 minutes. Depending on how strong you want the tea you can steep for up to 30 minutes.

Pour tea in a glass pitcher and cool. Add 1 cup of cold filtered water to pitcher.

Add 1 cup of lemonade to pitcher. Keep cool in the fridge and enjoy!

Drinking red raspberry leaf iced tea during pregnancy may ease labor pains. Here is a recipe for red raspberry leaf iced tea using lemonade as a sweetener.

I don’t use any added sugar in my tea. I use the lemonade to sweeten it. You can adjust the amount of lemonade you use to determine how sweet you would like your tea.

Personally I like 75% tea, 25% lemonade. If you want 50-50, add 2 cups of lemonade instead of 1 cup of water.

Did you drink red raspberry leaf tea during pregnancy? Did you notice a difference? I’ve been drinking 1 cup a day so far. I may increase this in my third trimester. According to the Traditional Medicinals tea you can enjoy 3 to 4 cups a day!

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  1. I just started drinking raspberry leaf tea for my pregnancy. I’m not a huge tea drinker, but love lemonade so I’m excited to try this out! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Yum! I went looking for Red Raspberry Leaf tea yesterday but will have to try a different store this weekend. I’m 31 weeks with our first, so I don’t have any tea testimonies… Yet! 🙂 Thanks for the lemonade tip! Lemonade has been a huge craving lately so I’m excited to make this!

  3. So excited to try this! I’m not crazy about the taste of raspberry leaf tea, but I am craving lemonade!!

  4. Tried it at 33 weeks, I actually picked it up in the store not realizing that it was advised for uterine contractions and ended up staying overnight in the hospital because they didn’t know why I was having painless contractions 5 minutes apart. My body has been practicing for awhile but I think the tea kicked it into overdrive so I waited to drink it again until now, I’m 38 weeks. I don’t think the contractions are productive yet, but I haven’t had my Cervix checked. I actually enjoy drinking tea so why not.

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