Baby Eye Color Prediction

baby eye color predictor

Growing up I always wanted blue or green eyes. For whatever reason I thought my brown eyes were boring. After I realized my eye color wasn’t going to change I decided I wanted to have kids with light colored eyes. Then I met my husband, fell madly in love, and baby eye color no longer mattered to me. When our precious Izzy was born I just assumed her eyes would be brown. I honestly didn’t even really look at the color. I remember my sister holding Izzy in the delivery room and almost shouting “Her eyes are blue!” We were all pretty surprised.

Our engagement pictures 🙂

If you go back to 7th grade biology and use the punnett square, there is a 25% chance our children will have blue or green eyes. Assuming that both me and my husband have heterogenous inheritance. His dad has green eyes and my mom has green eyes. Are you interested in predicting your baby’s eye color? I was most impressed with this advanced eye color calculator from The Tech Museum of Innovation.

The Science Behind Baby Eye Color

People have shared with me stories about their children being born with blue eyes and how quickly they changed to brown. Some babies are born with light colored eyes and as time passes they turn to brown. An article published in the Wall Street Journal discusses eye color and the chances of it changing. In the article, Dr. Schwab mentions that eye color pigment tends to settle by about a year of age and after this point eye color is fixed. Does that mean Izzy will keep her beautiful light colored eyes? Most likely. 

Scientists are learning more and more about DNA and inheritance and it seems as if eye color is a little more complicated then the simple punnett square. There are numerous studies out there showing that eye color is more than just brown, green, or blue.

baby eye color prediction
Izzy with her grandfather and daddy

Want to read more about eye color inheritence? Here are a few articles I found interesting:

Were you surprised by the color of your baby’s eyes? Share your story in the comments below!

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  1. Love those blue eyes!

    I’m so curious to know what our babies’ (this one and future babies!) eye color will be! That calculator doesn’t help me much: Chuck has hazel eyes. And none of my siblings have green, but my mom (brown) likely passed on a gene for green, because her dad had green eyes so she would have a recessive green.

  2. Interesting that your daughter has beautiful blue eyes! My husband has blue and I have hazel (green-brown…sometimes they look more one color than the other). ALL of our family has either hazel or blue…well, guess who has 3 children with brown eyes? Me! They are the first all brown eyes for generations! My other child had blue for almost a year and now they are hazel like mine. I pm expecting baby 5 in sept., so I will be anxious to see what color he/she has!

    1. Bridget that is so interesting! I’m sure you were surprised to see brown. Maybe baby 5 will be different?

  3. I’m late on this post but find it so interesting! First off, what a GORGEOUS baby :). I have 3 children, one on the way. My husband and I are African American, both with brown eyes. Our first two have big brown beautiful eyes like ours, but our third has big green/blue/grey ones (depending on the light!) much like Izzy, similar hair color too! It’s so funny because I never thought we’d have a baby that looks like her! Now I’m super curious what baby 4 will look like lol!

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