All Natural Cleaning Tips

all natural cleaning tips

As I’ve mentioned before we try to lead a somewhat healthy lifestyle. One way we do this is by avoiding unnecessary chemicals and toxins in our food, beauty products, household items, etc. Someone recently asked me what I do about cleaning my house. When Izzy was born I became even more concerned about the harmful chemicals used in everyday cleaning products. Especially since she has gotten into the habit of licking things!

Have you ever used the Environmental Working Group website? I love all the resources and tips they offer for free. In 2012 they came out with a EWG Cleaners Database Hall of Shame. You MUST read this. Unfortunately companies offer products that are ‘safe’, ‘non-toxic’, and ‘green’ but EWG found many of these products contained hazardous ingredients. It frustrates me that companies are allowed to do this and I often think ‘what is the truth?’ Company’s marketing strategies can cause confusion and they can be misleading. So I came up with a few tips to avoid harmful chemicals in your cleaning products.

Tip #1 – Read the label! Find the list of ingredients, sometimes you may need to check the website. If there are too many chemicals I can’t pronounce, I tend not to buy it.

Tip #2 – Use everyday ingredients to clean. For example, vinegar, baking soda, lemon, etc. 

There are so many all natural cleaning recipes available on the web and there are no secrets to the recipes. I often mix vinegar in a large bucket of warm water and wipe the floors. If you want more specifics check out this list of 67 homemade, all natural cleaning recipes.

Tip #3 – Save money. You can save money and your health by making your own cleaning products. We make our own baby wipes and I often use them to wipe up other messes around the house.

Tip #4 – Microfiber – I love using my new Norwex microfiber cloths. They can be used without any cleaning spray, wet or dry, and they are great at picking up all the small dust bunnies.

Do you have any natural cleaning tips? I’d love to hear!

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