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Three Easy Healthy Lifestyle Changes

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For years, swimming was a huge part of my life. I swam competitively in high school and college. I always considered myself healthy. Yet every winter I would get a sinus infection and go on antibiotics. I didn’t make the best food choices, but because I worked out at least 3 hours a day, I could eat whatever I wanted and never gained weight. After having kids, I’ve realized I need to make some healthy lifestyle changes. Chasing a toddler around is exhausting and I want to be in good health for my family. So today I’m sharing three easy healthy lifestyle changes I’m making to increase my energy and support a healthy immune system.

Three Easy Healthy Lifestyle Changes

First, I’m adding more exercise into my daily schedule. As I mentioned previously, in college I worked out for hours. Since kids, it’s been harder to keep a consistent exercise routine. I’m done making excuses and I’m determined to make exercise a priority once again. My goal is to work out four times a week for at least 30 minutes. Now that the weather has finally cooled off I am planning to walk more with my kids. I’ve also realized I need to wake up before they do! My kids are no longer my alarm clock. This gives me time to focus on me before everyone is up for the day.

Three easy healthy lifestyle changes I’m making to increase my energy and support a healthy immune system. Tired of having no energy? Try these easy changes!

Second, I’ve started taking a probiotic. I feel like my body needs a detox and part of my detox plan is to strengthen my digestive balance with Florastor. Recently, my husband found my bottle of Florastor and he immediately asked “Where did you get this!?” He works as a primary care physician and he said it is one of the top brands his practice recommends to patients. I love that Florastor is the only probiotic brand with Saccharomyces boulardii lyo CNCM I-745 that helps restore your natural flora.

Want to get healthier? Make it a a goal to add one vegetable to every meal. Read about other easy healthy lifestyle changes I’m making to increase my energy and support a healthy immune system.

Lastly, we are eating a vegetable at every meal. My hope is if I add one vegetable to each meal, my eating habits will change. Increasing your consumption of whole foods, like fruits and vegetables, is one of the best ways to improve your health. There are so many natural minerals, vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables. While I am eating more natural fibers, Florastor helps my body break down carbs and fiber.

Where are you in your journey to health? I love connecting with other women so please reach out in the comments below. It’s so important to encourage each other in our journey to live healthier lifestyles. For me, writing down my goals and action steps help me with follow through! What is one step you can take today to increase your health?

Three easy healthy lifestyle changes I’m making to increase my energy and support a healthy immune system. Tired of having no energy? Try these easy changes!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. These are great tips! Especially adding veggies to every meal. I am so guilty of not doing this and find myself eating way too many carbs. You look great girl!


  2. Those are some great goals! I love eating yogurt with probiotics in it, but the Florastor sounds perfect for when I need to detox and clean out my system. I also try to make working out a priority (although it doesn’t always happen), and I love that you’re trying to cook with more veggies! There are so many yummy recipes out there that make eating healthy not seem like you are at all. Good luck!

  3. Taking a probiotic has really been helpful to just my digestive system not getting upset easily and exercise is such an important life change that affects so many different things. I have tried to get back into it!

  4. I haven’t been doing a good job at eating healthy lately, but its definitely something I want to get back into! It’s so important to cut out the junk and add more healthy alternatives 🙂

  5. Great job, mama! I have also recently started waking up earlier to get in some yoga before my son wakes up (coincidentally, he has also started waking up a little earlier, giving me not as much time as I hope for), and I’m trying new veggie recipes. It’s work, but so worth it!

  6. I need to start taking a probiotic again! I love that you set small goals to build on later, that’s the only way I ever end up making my goals, haha.

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