Keep Kids Busy on Road Trips With These Brilliant Activities

“We’re going on vacation!” Words I love to hear! But soon the thought of traveling with three small kids quickly lowers my enthusiasm.

The vacation part is great, it’s the getting there that can be tough. So I asked our Inspired Motherhood community on Instagram and Facebook to share their favorite activities to keep kids busy on road trips (without screens!) and they delivered!

So instead of dreading time in the car, these activities will hopefully help you bond as a family and enjoy one another.

Please share with us your favorite road trip activities in the comments below!

The activities are divided into three sections: arts, crafts and games, audio books/music and snacks.

Before we get started let’s talk organization. Planning and organization are key to a successful car trip! We have a few lap desks that we also bring in the car. The goal of the tray is to prevent crayons, markers or snacks from falling on the floor.

Another mom also suggested using small organizers with compartments or bento boxes like these to create snack trays or craft boxes. These will keep all the little knick knacks organized and your kids will love having a personalized box.

Road trips don't have to be filled with complaining. You can have fun and keep kids busy during road trips. Here are genius hacks and tricks to not lose your mind in the car with your kids!

#1 Arts, Crafts, Activities and Games For Road Trips

We love mess free arts and crafts for the car. Over the years, color wonder has been a family favorite (even at home). Before a road trip we make sure to buy a new color wonder mess free coloring pack.

Here is a list of other fun mess free activities:

Make a Face Sticker Book

Water Wow Reusable Coloring Books

Guess in 10 Kids Game (good for ages 5 and up)

Mini Play Doh

I Spy

Car Bingo

Mini Whiteboards

The A-Z game. Start at A and take turns finding something you see with that letter. Then move on to the next letter until you get to Z!

Find the Difference or Maze Activity Books

Reusable Sticker Pads

Scavenger Hunt Card Game for Kids

If you don’t have a budget to buy new things, you can gather toys your kids haven’t seen for a while around your house. Or try the dollar store or Target dollar bin to pick up a few small new things you can toss when you get there!

Audiobooks and Music for Keeping Kids Busy on Road Trips

A lot of you suggested audiobooks, podcasts or music for kids.

Here a few of the podcasts you recommended: Truth Seekers, Stories Podcast, Real Cool History for Kids, Brains On Science Podcast for Kids, Discover Mountain and Story Pirates. I highly recommended listening to the podcast first with your young kids before you let them go and listen on their own.

Do you have any favorite kid podcasts we missed? Share below!

How to survive a long road trip with kids! You can do it. Prep ahead of time with these easy kids activities! Genius ways to keep kids busy on road trips.

We’ve purchased a few storybooks that come with CDs from Amazon over the years including Disney stories, Little House on the Prairie and Pete the Cat. You can also try a free trial with Audible and see what you think.

Here is a one last fun music game to play with your family! Guess that Disney Tune (put Disney on Pandora or Apple Music and whoever guesses the movie first gets a point)

Snacks for Road Trips

We try to limit sugar in house or the kids start bouncing off the walls. But it is fun to pack a few “treat” snacks for the car. It gives the kids (and let’s be honest you) something to look forward to during the drive.

As I mentioned before many moms love creating bento box or stacking snack containers ahead of time. We stock up at BJ’s or Sams Club before we leave so we have easy on the go snacks. Gummies, bunnies or goldfish, pretzels and PUR gum are a few family favorites.

So there it is! A great list of activities to keep your kids busy on road trips.

Are you taking a family road trip this summer? Have do you prepare to save your sanity and keep kids busy?

Share with us in the comments below!

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