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As we enter the new year, I’m always a believer in looking back and reflecting. It always amazes me how quickly time goes and that it is already 2016. This past year was very busy as we moved, welcomed a baby boy and my husband started his first job after residency. I wouldn’t recommend doing all three of those things in three months of each other, but with God’s grace we did it. We feel so blessed and can’t wait to see what God has in store for this new year. 

Today I want to share the top posts from Heart of Deborah in 2015! I love looking back at my posts as I can see what Heart of Deborah readers enjoyed and I can reflect on all the blessings, obstacles and fun times we experienced the past year. I also joined with some of my favorite bloggers to share the best crafts, education and parenting posts of 2015. Don’t miss all the great posts (see more below).

The best crafts, education, and parenting blog posts of 2015

The Best Parenting Post of 2015 for Heart of Deborah was the post about teaching patience to your toddler. When you use First, Then Statements you can help your children understand there is an order to doing things and sometimes they need to wait. Read more about how we use first, then statements with Izzy here.

Teaching your toddler patience by using first, then statements. Best of 2015 at Heart of Deborah

Another hit with Heart of Deborah readers was the frozen yogurt blueberries recipe. I originally made this post in 2014, but for some reason it took off in 2015. It’s a great healthy snack for kids and adults.

Frozen yogurt blueberries recipe. Best of 2015 at Heart of Deborah

We had so much fun announcing our second pregnancy to family and friends in 2015. I made this DIY big sister shirt and put it on Izzy at a family gathering. I waited until someone noticed! It was exciting and everyone shrieked when they actually read her shirt. Read more to see how you can make a big sister or brother shirt for your older sibling. 

DIY Big Sister Shirt. Best of 2015 at Heart of Deborah

Another big hit was my post about preparing for the end of pregnancy. I wrote a to-do list of things I wanted to accomplish during my third trimester. It still amazes me what the human body can do! Labor and delivery is no joke, but this list seemed to help things go smoother for IJ’s birth.

Prepare for labor by consuming dates! It may reduce your chance of induction. Best of 2015 at Heart of Deborah

Lastly, we had to put our house on the market this year and it was a nerve-wracking experience. We never sold a house before and we wanted things to go as smoothly as possible. Through the process I learned some simple hacks and tricks to keep your house show ready with a toddler. Here are my tips for selling a house with kids.

Tips and Tricks for Selling Your House With Kids (Best of 2015).

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