Dinner Conversation Starters – Valentine’s Day Edition

Have you ever used conversation starters?  As a school psychologist I loved using question cards to ‘break the ice’ in group counseling sessions.

The kids always seemed to enjoy asking questions and learning more about each other.  I also asked a ton of questions when my husband and I were dating.

In the spirit of Valentine’s day I created printable question cards for you and your family!

I included conversation starters centered around LOVE as well as everyday questions and a blank page for you to create your own.  There are three pages of conversations cards in the download.

Simply print out the pages, cut along the dotted line, and place the papers in your favorite jar.  Take turns during dinner picking cards and answering questions.

Connecting around the dinner table is so valuable for families. Your kids will treasure these simple moments for years to come.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be fancy, but make it meaningful by using these dinner conversation cards.

Do you have a favorite question book or resource?  Share with us in the comments below.

And if you use our dinner conversation cards be sure to share with us on Instagram @inspired.motherhood or #inspiredmotherhood.

Download Dinner Conversation Cards Here

Free Dinner Conversation Cards. Print at home and play with your family!

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