Best Children’s Christmas Books

I love finding new children’s books to add to our daughter’s library. Who doesn’t love a good book? Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year so I’ve been looking for great books that talk about the true meaning of Christmas: The birth of Jesus! I wanted to share a few of my favorite Christian holiday books with you today. There are so many children’s books out there that give mixed messages, Is Christmas all about presents? Santa? Reindeer? In our family we believe it’s important to keep Jesus at the center of this season of cookies, presents and caroling. Not all of the books mentioned below explicitly teach the Christmas story, but they are all centered about Jesus.

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Best Christian Children’s Christmas Books

My Favorite 9 Children's Christmas Books Reflecting the True Meaning of Christmas (Jesus!)

  • Happy Birthday, Jesus!: This adorable board book shares the true meaning of Christmas with children. A young family adds birthday traditions to the holiday season and even sing Happy Birthday to Jesus in this story.
  • One Night In Bethlehem: We love touch and feel books in our house. Our daughter loves when she can interact with the books. This lovely book details the events of Christmas (angels in the sky, the nativity scene, etc.) as a little boy wonders what he might have done the night Jesus was born.
  • What Is Christmas?: We love this board book in our family. Is Christmas about Santa and presents? No, it’s so much more than that! This Christian book helps children understand why we celebrate Christmas and the birth of Jesus.
  • O Little Town of Bethlehem: This sing a long story is adorable! After your child pushes the sing along button you can read the story to the music. It’s a traditional Christmas carol reflecting the heart of the December 25th.
  • The Legend of St. Nicholas: This hardcover children’s book is a wonderful reminder about the spirit of Christmas. At the end of the book it talks about the tradition of Christmas and how “Santa Claus” came to be.
  • The Legend of the Candy Cane: A perfect board book to teach your children about God’s love and the promise of hope. This story is beautifully illustrated and easy to understand.
  • God Gave Us Christmas: The little cub in this book asks his mom who invented Christmas. It is a heartwarming tale reflecting the best present of all. A simply yet wonderful story.
  • Christmas in the Manger: This board book follows the animals as they kneel before and guard the newborn baby. It’s a simple book and doesn’t explicity teach Jesus’ birth, but it is centered around him and there is a definite Christian theme in the book. 
  • Jingle Bells: Sing along as you read this children’s board book. You children will love the fun Christmas carol and the bright illustrations. A classic song book to add to your library.

What is your favorite Christmas story?


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