Dear Tired Mom of a Toddler


Dear Tired Mom of a Toddler,

Everyday is an adventure with toddlers. They seem to learn something new each day and their joy is contagious. Life is so exciting when you are two. But there are times when it isn’t so joyful. When you are picking up the toys off the living room floor for the 20th time that day and you are exhausted trying to please a toddler who wants to do it herself. And the tantrums. Don’t you love the unexplainable tantrums? Somedays I think it’s not worth the battle, I just want to give in because I can’t hear crying for one more second. But then I remind myself why I am correcting, training or instructing my child. I want her to learn.

I know it’s hard. Parenthood isn’t always easy. But it is worth it. And it will get better. Don’t give up tired mom!

A letter to mothers with toddlers. Don't give up tired mom, it will get better. Encouraging words for motherhood.

Remind yourself why it is worth it. What do you love about your toddler? During the tough times, like the tantrums and meltdowns take a deep breath. If you need to, walk away for a few seconds so you don’t react out of anger. Remind yourself this is a normal part of childhood and you aren’t the only mom going through this. Build a support system with other mothers who can encourage you and lift you up instead of judge you. Lastly, remember that no discipline seems pleasant at the time, but it produces a harvest of righteousness (Hebrews 12:11). 

It will get better. People kept telling me this when my daughter was an infant and I wanted to believe them, but I couldn’t. Then slowly things got better. The moments when your toddler is driving you nuts, remember this won’t last forever. Sometimes you need to go through the fire to get to the other side. Don’t give up. If you want your toddler to say “please,” come inside when playtime is over or stop when you say “no,” be consistent. Eventually they will learn. Slowly the length of their tantrum will decrease. 

You aren’t in this alone. Motherhood is such a special gift. What a privilege it is to raise the next generation! I love this quote from Andy Stanley: “Your greatest contribution to the kingdom of God may not be something you do but someone you raise.” You are doing great mama. Keep smiling, remember you are loved and you are worth it.


A Fellow Tired Mom of a Toddler

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  1. I was smiling the entire time I was reading your post; remember those days like it was yesterday. But now my children are 11 and 13 things do get better I promise. You will still have sleepless nights but the reasons for them change as your children grow.

    Glad a stopped by.

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