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It’s never fun when your little one is sick. Our daughter recently had a bad cold where she couldn’t breathe out of her nose. This was a problem since she loves to suck on her fingers. She wasn’t sleeping very well and it was heartbreaking seeing her moan and cry. I recently found a few new all natural baby products that I’ve added to our medicine cabinet. As you may know I prefer to try natural methods before we give any type of prescription or over the counter drugs.

7 Natural Products for Your Sick Baby or Toddler

Here are a few of must have items for a sick baby:

  • Baby Rub: Did you know they make chest rub for babies? If you want to stick with the natural stuff you can check out Nature’s Baby Organics Organic Chest Rub. If you feel adventurous you can make it yourself. Here is a recipe from Wellness Mama. Be sure to read information about essential oils before you use them on your baby.
  • Saline Nose Drops: We’ve used Little Remedies Saline Spray with our daughter and she doesn’t seem to mind it. It seems to get things moving in her nasal passages and clears out her stuffy nose. 

  • Massage Cream: I recently discovered Mommy’s Bliss Sweet Slumber Massage Cream and I am in love. It smells amazing, made in the USA and safe for you and your baby. I rub some on my little one’s legs and feet while giving her a gentle massage. 
  • Nose Wipes: It can be difficult to always wipe your child’s runny nose. Have you tried using boogie wipes? Here is a natural alternative, Yes To Baby Carrots Face and Nose Wipes. Sensitive for baby with a fresh and light smell.

  • Teething Toys: It seems our daughter gets cranky and a stuffy nose when she is teething. For whatever season she has always loved this Sassy Teething Tail Fish. We always keep this fish in our freezer. She loves to chew on it when her gums are hurting.

  • Nose aspirator: Our daughter doesn’t seem to mind this so we like to use it before she naps and goes to bed at night. We love the Green Sprouts Baby Nasal Aspirator. It separates easily which allows you to thoroughly clean it.
  • Thermometer: When our daughter was a baby we used a rectal thermometer as I heard they were the most accurate. Now that our daughter is older she HATES when we do this. Recently, our doctor told us we can try an ear thermometer or try taking her temperature under her arm. We haven’t purchased one yet but we are considering this Braun Ear Thermometer as it is highly recommended on Amazon.

What about you? What is your must have product for this cold season?

In the interest of full disclosure, some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  They are all for products I truly believe in and buy for myself.  If you decide to purchase any of these products through these links, I will earn a small commission.  All prices are the same if you decide to purchase through my links.   Thank you for supporting Heart of Deborah!

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