Learning to Change a Boy’s Diaper

When our son was born I thought I knew a lot about babies and diaper changes. Our daughter was 2 at the time and we had probably changed over 4,000 diapers by that point so we were experts right? Wrong! Phew, I never knew how difficult it would be to change a boy’s diaper.

As new parents we’d always heard stories of how babies peed or pooped on their parents, but we never experienced this with our daughter.

I don’t think I was prepared for a boy and his ability to pee EVERYWHERE.

It’s partly because of a boy’s anatomy and when cold air hits the diaper area, it can trigger a fountain.

A few days after we came home from the hospital I knew we needed a new diaper changing plan!

Learning to Change a Boy’s Diaper

And she loved a little boy very, very much - even more than she loved herself. Shel Silverstein Quote

First, be prepared. Before you change your boy’s diaper have all your necessary diaper changing items right next to you.

For us this includes: a dry diaper, wipes, diaper cream and a dry cloth in case of emergency.

It’s best to have everything near you so you can make the change as quickly as possible.

One of my friends gave me a great tip when IJ was first born. Put the new dry diaper underneath the diaper being currently worn. When you peel back the dirty diaper and wipe, you can quickly pull up the new diaper up as a shield since it’s already in place.

You can also use a cloth or wipe to cover the area while you are changing or applying cream to prevent being sprayed on!

I thought changing a girl's diaper was so much easier. Learn how to change a boy's diaper with limited mess!

It takes time to figure it out!

Thankfully as time goes on we are experiencing less accidents and I don’t find it as difficult as I did at first.

Also be sure to check in with your pediatrician about how to care for boy anatomy.

We didn’t ask many questions in the hospital and I wish we would have. There is no such things as a silly question!

When our second child was born, a son, we weren't prepared how quickly we needed to change a boy's diaper! Here are some practical tips and our experience with diaper changes.

So what are you best tips on learning to change a boy’s diaper? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below! 

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