9 Month Update

IJ you spent 9 months in my belly and now you have spent 9 months here with us. Time truly does fly! So much has happened between 8 and 9 months. Right after you turned 8 months old you started pulling yourself up on things. You love knocking things off whatever table or ottoman you can get your little hands on. You’ve also learned to walk along the couch and ottoman, especially if it’s a toy or remote you are after. Although you sometimes revert back to army crawling you now crawl on all fours. You are getting faster each day and you love chasing after your sister.

You are pulling up on anything you can find.
You are pulling up on anything you can find.

IJ you are such a delight and your smile lights up the room. Now you have 4 teeth to show off with your big grin! All 4 teeth came last month and it was little rough. Teething seems to bother you and you had on and off fevers because of it. Whenever a new tooth would break through you would be so much happier. You still love to eat and your favorite foods are sweet potato, scrambled egg and avocado. We’ve also tried chicken salad and polenta with you and it was a hit. You prefer to feed yourself, but you also enjoy eating pouches of baby food.

No longer a toothless smile :)
No longer a toothless smile 🙂

We traveled to Cape May, NJ and Baltimore, MD in May to go on a mini vacation and to see family. Let’s just say you don’t like sleeping in hotel rooms. You were up most of the night in both NJ and MD and you ended up sleeping in our bed. I’m not used to bed sharing so I barely slept, but we made the best of it. You are easy going during the day though you seem to prefer your crib at home. 


You are a very social baby and you still LOVE watching your sister. You now clap to music and just recently you started dancing. It is the cutest thing ever. You have an adorable shoulder shrug and you seem to love music. You also wave and we’ve heard a few sounds similar to “hot” and “hi.” We’ll see what happens in the months to come. We love having you in our family! 🙂

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