7 Month Update

I’m a little behind in writing this update, but I want to stay on top of this! One of the reasons I love doing this is so I can read it to IJ when he gets older. I remember one of my favorite things as a child was to hear stories about myself as a baby. I would ask my mom to repeat the stories again and again. So here is IJ’s 7 month update. 

Blogging event at the London NYC Penthouse - The CBC Parenting Experience
CBC Parenting Experience at The London NYC Penthouse

This month we made our first trip to NYC! It was a crazy idea, but I was invited to the CBC’s Parenting Experience and I really wanted to go. It was a one day experiential event where we could interact with the top parenting brands and try their newest products. I was a little worried driving into the city especially since last time we took a long road trip IJ cried the entire time. You did GREAT IJ and you were your smiley self. We had a wonderful time and you loved trying all the different snacks for babies. We got to try a few new Plum Organics products and Lifeway Kefir drinks. IJ is already a huge Plum fan (see more) and we even got to bring home some treats for Izzy. We also learned about the newest Seventh Generation diapers. How cute are the endangered animal prints? The diapers are made from sustainable sourced materials so that means they are safe for baby and safe for forest animals. I’m so glad we conquered our fear and went in to the city. 

Baby IJ's 7 Month Update at Heart of Deborah

Back to the update! This past month you’ve learned to wave and it is the cutest thing ever. It’s also getting warmer which means we can see your chunky legs and arms in spring time outfits. I don’t know what it is, but I love seeing chubby little hands and arms waving. You’ve also mastered the army crawl. You can quickly move from one end of the room to the other. You are very curious and love to scoot around the whole house. Toys don’t seem to hold your attention as much as they used to because you just want to move. 

Baby IJ's 7 Month Update at Heart of Deborah

You still love your sister, but you are becoming more vocal with your opinions. If she takes a toy that you really want to play with you will let out a little shout. You are babbling a lot and of course your favorite word is dada. Though you seem to be a mama’s boy at heart right now because you love to be held and cuddled by mommy. I know it’s partly because I have the food 🙂 

Baby IJ's 7 Month Update at Heart of Deborah

I’ve said this before, but the first thing people comment on when they meet you are your big brown eyes. You smile often and even at strangers. You love laughing at your sister’s silly dances and you are a very pleasant baby. You don’t seem to be a picky eater at this point and you enjoy a variety of baby foods. You’ve also mastered the art of picking up puffs from your tray and putting them in your mouth. You seem to enjoy feeding yourself, but I’m hesitant with solid foods since you don’t have any teeth yet. You also take the bottle and this makes mommy very happy! It’s nice to get out sometimes. You enjoy going for walks outside and watching your sister blow bubbles.

We can’t wait to see what is in store for next month!

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