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Talking Board Books & Bedtime Prayers

Talking board books are Izzy’s favorite!  I’m not sure what it is, but she has always loved listening to music.  At one point singing to her was the only thing that calmed her down during our crazy NYC adventure.  My sister bought Izzy her first musical board book in Paris.  Whenever she is cranky, this is our go-to book.  She loves the french nursery rhymes.

the best children's board books, talking board books and prayers

I wanted to find another talking board book for her, preferably something in English.  So I could listen too!  I found the cutest bedtime prayers book {affiliate link}. The best part is you can record your own voice.  She fell in love with this book as well.  I love that it is unique and has a part of us in it.  It is also super affordable and easy to use.

We started a bedtime routine a couple months ago when Izzy stopped falling asleep during feedings.  After reading her favorite books we say some prayers and tuck her in 🙂

What is your favorite children’s board book?  I’m always looking for new books!

 children's board book

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