Southwest Bean Dip Recipe

I love fresh salsa and bean dip recipes in the summer. We have a small garden in our backyard so we love using fresh ingredients in our dips. I’ve made multiple versions of bean dips over the years, but the southwest bean dip recipe is my favorites. It will be gone in our house in 1-2 days! When I was pregnant, I ate this all the time because I wanted to ensure I was getting enough folate in my diet.

Refreshing and nutritious southwest bean dip recipe for the summer. A great healthy snack for kids and adults!


I love flavorful food and this dip can be made mild, medium, or spicy depending on how much seasoning you use. Izzy loves this salsa recipe as much as we do. When she was able to eat bite sized pieces she fell in love with this dip. The beans and vegetables are a great edition to her diet. She even loves the raw red onion! I enjoy eating the salsa after it is in the refrigerator for 1 hour. I’ve found the longer it sits the better the flavor!

So here it is! Southwest Bean Dip Recipe

[yumprint-recipe id=’9′] I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as my family does!

Are you growing a garden this year?

What fresh ingredients do you use in your dips?

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