Easiest Vegetables to Grow

The last few years we’ve planted a small vegetable garden in our backyard. My grandfather is a gardening pro and has been harvesting delicious crops for years. He helped us set up our own containers so we could use ‘organic’ soil and compost. 

Since I’m a newbie I wanted to plant crops that were relatively easy to grow.

Today I am sharing a tour of our backyard garden and my experiences with the easiest vegetables to grow. We live in the mid-atlantic so that will give you an idea of the weather.

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5 Easiest vegetables to grow in your garden

Looking to start a garden this year?

Here is a list of the 5 Easiest Vegetables to Grow!

1. Cucumbers:

There is nothing like a fresh garden cucumber. You probably don’t know what you are missing until you try one. They are so crisp and have a delicious flavor that you don’t get from grocery store cucumbers.

Did you know many store bought cucumbers are coated with a petroleum based wax? YUCK! I don’t use any pesticides on our cucumber plant and I don’t have to do any trimming. I basically just let it grow.

You will need a trellis since cucumber plants like to climb and you may need to ward off beetles, but in the last three years I haven’t had any problem just watching my cucumber plant grow and harvesting it when it’s ready.

easiest vegetables to grow in your garden

2. Green Beans:

Our baby girl recently tried her first garden green bean and she loved them! This is another plant I do nothing to, but harvest. I pull the weeds in the container, other than that I haven’t had to use any sprays or chemicals. They grow quickly and soon you will have lots of green beans to pick.

easiest vegetables to grow in your garden

3. Sugar Snap Peas:

Peas also love to climb so you will need some type of trellis in your garden. We love eating the snap peas raw or using them in stir-fry. Again I haven’t found any need for pesticides or sprays, but bunnies love these things!

Even with our 12 inch boxes, the bunnies found a way in last year and ate almost all of our peas. This year I learned my lesson and pinned a thin garden cloth over the box to prevent any small animals from entering. You don’t need to remove the cloth as the sun and rain go right through it.

easiest vegetables to grow in your garden

4. Tomatoes:

Again there is something like a fresh garden tomato! These have taken more work compared to our other crops, but nothing crazy and they are so delicious so I continue to plant them every year. You need to do the most pruning with these plants and make sure you get all the suckers.

They can also grow high so you need to trim the leaves off the bottom or they may end up knocking over your cages with the heavy leaves and branches. If you get heavy duty tomato cages this should help. The first year I skimped on the tomato cages and it was a disaster. They were too short and didn’t hold the weight of the plant.

5. Herbs:

Herbs are very easy to grow in between plants. Basil grows excellent next to tomatoes. We’ve also grown cilantro and dill. Most herbs are easy to grow and freshen up any dinner dish. Read more about companion herbs and how planting certain plants next to each other can actually help your garden’s overall health!

Enjoy your garden! Lastly, if you notice anything odd about your vegetables, leaves changing colors, a certain bug hanging around, I suggest google. I honestly use google all the time to find all-natural remedies.

There are so many gardening tips on the web and I like finding natural remedies to keeps my crops and our tummies away from pesticides.

What is your favorite vegetable to grow? 

5 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in Your Beginner Garden. Heart of Deborah

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  1. We just bought our house and we are redoing the yard this year but I am making notes! I really want to start a garden next year.

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