7 Children’s French Books

When my family traveled to Paris last December they brought back a few french children’s books for Izzy. She absolutely loves them! Especially the book that sings nursery rhymes to her in French. I always love adding new books to her library so I decided to create a list of french-themed children’s books. My family enjoys traveling and I pray one day we can take Izzy to France to experience all the beauty, food, and art she will read about in these books. 

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7 Children’s French Books

  • Anatole – Your children will love this charming story set in Paris, France. Anatole the mouse is determined to help and soon is giving advice to humans on how to eat cheese. This precious tale will bring a smile to you and your children’s faces.
  • Everybody Bonjours! – Explore attractions in Paris by reading this hardcover book with your little one. The illustrations are beautiful and the book is a great introduction to the exciting sights and sounds found in Paris.
  • My First French Book –  This book has over 200 everyday words in French and English. Your child will love the bright colors, the fun shapes, and learning to count in French.
  • Madeline – The list wouldn’t be complete without Madeline. Did you know the beloved story now comes in a board book? It doesn’t include the entire Madeline story, but it’s a great way to share the fun with your little ones. 
  • Charlotte in Paris – For young elementary students this book will share Charlotte’s life in the city of lights. It’s part of a series with Charlotte and this particular book is set in 1893. It received wonderful reviews for the story and beautiful illustrations.
  • Babar’s Lost and Found – Everyone loves Babar! The family is taking a trip to Paris and the adventures is nonstop in this board book for young children.
  • The Cat Who Walked Across France – Children and animal lovers will enjoy this tale of a cat who journeys through France. The pictures are bright and display the beautiful French landscapes. 

Did I miss any classic french tales? What would you add to this list?


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