Kid Friendly Birthday Party Food

Happy Birthday Izzy! Today is our daughter’s first birthday. We celebrated this past weekend with a french themed birthday party. As you may know we try to eat mostly whole foods and organic when we can. For Izzy’s birthday party we wanted to create a kid friendly menu. Other children were at the party so we tried to get healthy snacks as well as delicious finger foods. In this post I will share our birthday party menu.

kid friendly birthday party food

First, the appetizers. Thankfully my wonderful mom, sister, and aunts helped with the food. Thank you, thank you! For one of the appetizers, we decided to do a bean dip with chopped red peppers, onion, corn, and black beans. You can find the recipe here. Izzy loves picking at the small pieces and feeding it to herself. The appetizers also included delicious queso dip and shrimp dip.

For snacks, we were thankful to have YumEarth’s organic fruit snacks and lollipops. The fruit snacks have no high fructose corn syrup or artificial dyes and they are made with real fruit extracts. It’s a special snack for your children that you can feel good about!


For dinner we made grilled chicken. Growing up we lived on grilled chicken and I think it’s a great alternative to burgers and hot dogs. We paired the chicken with roasted potatoes (red, white, purple, and sweet), roasted brussels sprouts, and a green salad with fresh fruit and a honey vinaigrette dressing. Izzy loved the grilled chicken, potatoes, and fruit from the salad. 

kid friendly birthday party food

Lastly, for dessert we went with the traditional birthday cake. Izzy LOVED her gluten free cupcake from a local bakery. She literally cried when we tried to take it away. Since her birthday was french themed we also served coconut macaroons, delicious!


What kid friendly birthday party food would you suggest?

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