Sample Baby Schedule – 8 Months Old

The other day I was chatting with a mom who mentioned how tired she was lately. I could totally relate! No one told me how exhausting motherhood would be. 
She said her daughter often ended up in their bed at night and she wasn’t feeling fully rested in the morning. I asked her if they had a set bedtime and she said no. I could tell she wanted things to be different, but she wasn’t sure how to go about it. I shared with her our daughter’s 8 month old schedule and she was intrigued. 
Now first let me say that parenting has taught me how to be flexible. We can plan everything for the day, but many times babies, toddlers and kids are unpredictable. There are days where my kids don’t nap at all and so we have to readjust. 
Though I find it very helpful to have a loose schedule to follow each day. It keeps me sane and gives predictability to my kids. They seem to thrive when they have consistency. 
Although each day looks a little different I’ve found a schedule to be very helpful for our family.

So How Did We “Find” Our Baby Schedule?

Around the time our firstborn turned 3 months old I noticed she was naturally falling asleep and eating around the same time each day. I used the baby connect app for iPhone and it helped me track her sleeping and eating habits. It was very useful (as a mom who loves to plan!).

Through observation I became aware of her naturally developing patterns. We were able to build our daily schedule off of this.

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Sample Baby Schedule – 8 Months Old

After we noticed our children’s naturally occurring habits, I also looked at sample baby schedules online to get some ideas. Every family’s schedule will look different, but it’s nice to know guidelines. For example, how long of a nap can I expect from a 8 month old baby?

Again, every baby will be different. My daughter was known for taking long naps (3 sometimes 4 hours!). My son was the complete opposite and napped for 45 minutes at a time.

I’ve come to learn that babies are not all alike. So your schedule may be completely different than ours and that is okay.

That being said here is what our typical day looks like with an 8 month old baby:

Sample baby schedule for sleeping and eating. Based on an 8 month old baby's routine.

As I said before this is a guideline that we used for our baby. Every child is different and there is no ‘master’ schedule to follow.

When it comes to eating so far our baby is only eating 2 solid meals a day. This is about 3-4 oz at each meal.

Talk to your pediatrician about finding the best fit for your family. Every baby is different and you should follow their natural cues to create a schedule for your baby.

Do you have a schedule for your baby? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. Hi there! I found that giving myself a schedule helps me to actually stick to it better. We have one very close to that one! We just go to bed later and wake up later. 😉 Thanks for the post.

  2. I love, love, love, that you follow your baby. We also follow our little guys natural routine, including his nighttime routine. I do not sleep train my babies at all. We co-sleep and he still wakes at least 3 times to feed which is healthy and appropriate for his age (7 months). Babies are actually at a higher risk of SIDS when trained to sleep long stretches at a time. A full night sleep for a baby under a year of age is a 5 to 6 hour stretch in between feeds. There are exceptions to this as always, some babies are inclined to sleep more than others.

    And you are right, this is baby number five in our family and they have all been different and flexibility is the name of the game.

    Stopped by from the Homestead Blog Hop

  3. I wouldn’t say we ever had a schedule with our babies, maybe a natural routine. I breastfed on demand and we did baby-led weaning with solids, so may day was more dictated by their wants/needs than the clock. Except bedtime, same time every night! Once you do get used to doing things, babies always like to throw a curve ball and change up the game it seems!

  4. I love this schedule.. Do you have one made for when your little one was 5 months old? I am going back to work and need one for our nanny. This would be perfect!!

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