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I consider myself a natural mama. Over the last few years my family has become more interested in health and fitness. Swimming in high school and college kept me active, but it wasn’t until after college that I became interested in the “natural world” of things. If you read my blog you know I like researching topics and sharing what I find with my family and friends. I have a hard time reading information and then ignoring it. So when I read that flame retardants aren’t good for you, I have an internal conflict when purchasing baby items for my daughter and future son. 

Here is a list of my favorite online natural pregnancy resources for natural mamas.

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant. Last pregnancy I did a lot of research and found pregnancy essentials I could feel good about. This time around I am using a lot of the same information, but I’m also learning new things. Today I wanted to some some of my favorite natural pregnancy resources. As a disclaimer remember this is not medical advice, just one mom’s experience and thoughts. Please check with your doctor before making changes in your diet or lifestyle during pregnancy. 

Online Natural Pregnancy Resources

  • Mothers Naturally: This is a great online resource for women who are expecting. Midwives Alliance of North America created this public education program. The website has information on how to find a midwife, home births, natural pregnancy tips and beyond.
  • Importance of Skin to Skin Contact: I did skin to skin with my daughter after she was born and I loved it. I wouldn’t have known about it unless I took a birthing class. Here is a great article from the International Breastfeeding Centre about the benefits and importance of skin to skin contact.
  • I enjoy following Mama Natural’s blog. I think she does a great job of researching topics and providing valid information. I may not be as crunchy as Mama Natural, but I’ve found her blog to be a great resource. She has a whole pregnancy and childbirth section.
  • I also love Mommypotamus’s blog. She shares health tips, DIY beauty recipes and of course natural pregnancy tips. Check out her Motherhood section. Because of her article on the Glucola drink I had a conversation with my doctor about the ingredients and alternatives to the nasty drink. I’m going to be using jelly beans in a few weeks to test my sugar levels, I’ll let you know how it goes.
  • Natural Pregnancy Pinterest: I’ve created a board on Pinterest for my favorite pregnancy articles. I love Pinterest because it keeps you organized and you can categorize the information you want to view later on. Follow my board to find the best information on the web for natural mamas! Natural Pregnancy Board on Pinterest
  • Natural Childbirth the Bradley Way: I read through this book during my first pregnancy. My husband and I reviewed the steps and used a lot of the information to develop our birth plan. There are so many pregnancy books out there, this is one I read and found helpful. Check out the Bradley Method website for more information about this method of natural childbirth.

Here are some of my favorite pregnancy posts featured on Heart of Deborah.

Natural remedies to relieve headaches during pregnancyHere is a list I created of natural remedies for headaches to try before reaching for the bottle of tylenol when expecting. 

Drinking red raspberry leaf iced tea during pregnancy may ease labor pains. Here is a recipe for red raspberry leaf iced tea using lemonade as a sweetener. This pregnancy I’ve started drinking Red Raspberry Leaf Iced Tea. Find out why and my favorite way to enjoy a cup of tea in the summer!

Best folate rich foods for pregnancy - protect your baby against birth defectsFolate is an important nutrient for women and their babies before and during pregnancy. I wanted to ensure I was getting enough folate (the naturally occurring vitamin) versus folic acid (the synthetic form) so I created this folate foods chart.

Where do you find your information to have a healthy and “natural” pregnancy?

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