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I can’t believe it’s already the middle of August! Summer is going by so quickly. I need to take advantage of these summer days before it turns into fall. Next week we are headed to Rehoboth Beach with our family. I am excited to get away and relax with my husband and family. The last month my husband has been working like crazy and I miss spending more than 1 day a week with him. I know Izzy loves spending time with him as well. I’m looking forward to swimming and playing in the ocean! 

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I’m feeling a little stressed about packing everything for a baby! I found this packing list from Travel Mamas that I will be using as my guide. It’s amazing how much babies need. I prepared some food for Izzy so I don’t have to worry about her meals. We love these meatballs from the Slow Roasted Italian. I typically place them in the freezer and pull out 1-2 as needed. I also make my own version of a larabar (I substitute applesauce for honey) that Izzy LOVES!

We finally sorted through everything from Izzy’s birthday party. She loves all of her toys and her new skill of walking (well almost walking). It’s so cute to see her squeeze her baby doll and place the ‘mail’ in her ‘mailbox’. Does your one year old have a favorite activity? Now that Izzy is down to 1 nap a day we are trying to go out more and explore our surroundings. We have been exploring more parks, gardens, and trails and it’s been wonderful. 

How are you going to enjoy the last days of summer?

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