Finding Quality Baby Products

I remember creating our baby registry with Izzy and feeling somewhat overwhelmed. There were so many baby products out there and it was almost impossible to know which ones we were going to need. I loved hearing recommendations from other moms, but sometimes those recommendations conflicted. How was I supposed to find quality baby products that I would actually use? 

Now that baby number two is almost here I *think* I have a better idea of what we will need and use with a newborn, infant and toddler. Although I love finding bargains there is something to be said about investing in timeless pieces and purchasing quality items. Here are some tips I came up with to help you find the best baby products.

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5 Tips for Finding and Purchasing Quality Baby Products and Newborn Essentials. Heart of Deborah

5 Tips for Finding Quality Baby Products

  • Do Your Research: Whether you talk to other moms or read reviews online I highly recommend researching the baby products you decide to buy. I asked other moms questions like “What was the one item you couldn’t live without?” or “What clothes fit your baby the best?” I feel good investing in a company that was highly recommended by someone I know. We also love using Amazon and Consumer Reports for ratings and reviews on all products we buy.
  • Think Long Term: There were certain products that I wanted to invest in. My mom saved a few of my baby clothes, toys and furniture and I love using them with Izzy. We save money on clothes by shopping at places like ThredUp and local second hand shops. But for special occasions like birthdays and holidays I like the splurge on one or two outfits. Some of my favorite shops to find unique and classic children clothing are Gymboree, Janie and Jack and Boden.
  • Look for Sales: There always seem to be sales or coupons you can use for baby products. Sometimes it seems silly saving a dollar here or there, but I believe it adds up. If you decide to pay a little extra for a quality baby product, you may be able to find a coupon or a special sale on Retailmenot.com.

5 Tips for Finding and Purchasing Quality Baby Products and Newborn Essentials. Heart of Deborah

  • Read Labels: This is something I always recommend when it comes to food, but I also recommend it when it comes to baby products. I like knowing what Izzy’s clothes are made of and what materials are used in her stuffed animals, toys, etc. I prefer to find baby products with 100% cotton because it’s extra gentle and soft for a newborn’s sensitive skin.
  • Try and Touch: Don’t be afraid to try products in the store before you buy them. Many large baby retailers have strollers on the floor so take a walk around the store and test it out! When it comes to clothes I love finding soft cozy outfits and certainly when you visit a store don’t be afraid to touch the clothes.

What is your best tip when shopping for baby products?

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  1. Thanks for another great blog post! I LOVE Gymboree and I have found that they really do offer quality clothing. You are able to find some really good sales and they occasionally offer free shipping. I especially love how many of the pieces are mix and match. Siblings can coordinate without looking exactly the same.

  2. My favorite outfit for my grandson is the Go Dino outfit which has the Revvit Puffer Vest, Revvit Plaid Shirt, and Dinotrux Tracks Sweatpants!

  3. I really like the Beary Cozy girl’s outfit: the Bear & Butterfly Tee, Bear Print Corduroy Skirt, Hooded Poncho, Bear Tights and Bear Bow Clip!

  4. Asking me to name my favorite outfits is like asking a mother which is her favorite child. Lol I love them all but the Woodland Wonders are so cute and my great grand daughter would love any of them. She’s really into clothes and shoes now.

  5. I love how many plaid shirts they have that can be used for church shirts! It was too hard to pick just one. I like him to look decent for church every week so I get him plaid shirts. Many thanks for this great giveaway!

  6. I love the “Football Buddy” outfit. It was a tough choice! They have so many cute clothes! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  7. They are ALL absolutely adorable!! I love the Twirly Fox Outfit (Sweater and Pink Tutu) paired with the Two Toned Riding Boots for my 5 year old daughter June <3 I am also LOVING the Ruffles and Bows Outfit (Mouse & Girl Tee and Glitter Striped Skirt + Mouse Tights and Mouse Cap) with the Sparkle Bow Sneakers for our 2 year old daughter Joee Mae <3 Thank you so much for the awesome opportunity to win!

    [email protected]

  8. I LOVE the Raccoon Prep outfit! It would be so adorable on my little guy for his first fall season! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  9. I love Gymboree.. they make excellent quality clothing. Definitely worth spending a few $s more, especially if they are going to be hand me downs. My favorite is the Friendly Fox Sweater. My daughter would love it.

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