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I honestly don’t know what we would do without our video monitor. Now hear me out. When I was pregnant with Izzy I remember telling my husband I thought a video monitor was a waste of money. Spending almost $200 on something seemed crazy to me. We didn’t need it, we would be just fine with sound. I was so wrong! A couple of months after she was born we broke down and invested in a video monitor. It saved my sanity and I honestly believe it helped my daughter get more sleep. 

Get More Sleep & Capture Precious Moments

  • Our video monitor helped our daughter love her crib and in turn I believe we got to sleep more! Now I understand every child is different, but I truly believe in using a video monitor to establish healthy sleeping habits in your child. Our daughter loves her crib. After she wakes up she will play or roll around for at least 30 minutes before we get her. This means, more sleep for us! Everyday we put her in her crib for an afternoon nap. Most days she naps, but days she doesn’t she will play for 1-2 hours by herself. The VTech VM343 gives me a peace of mind because I can see that she is safe and I can capture all the cute moments of her singing or talking to her stuffed animals. It also helps Izzy’s independence.
  • I find it so interesting that our children hit many of their developmental milestones while sleeping or playing in their cribs. I don’t know what it is, but both Izzy and IJ first rolled in their cribs. I love seeing them reach different milestones and a video monitor helps you do just that! When Izzy started talking we loved listening to her babble and carry on conversations with her stuffed animals. It was so sweet.

Need more sleep? Read how we used our video monitor to help our children develop healthy sleeping habits!

  • Since we loved using a video monitor with Izzy we knew we wanted to get one for IJ. Did you know the VTech VM343 can expand up to four cameras? We also love that you can do split-screen viewing. The screen on the monitor was much larger than we expected and split-screen viewing is perfect when you have multiple children you want to keep an eye on. Another bonus? The digital transmission on the VTech VM343 ensures all videos are private and secure! I’ve heard those creepy stories on the news were baby monitors were hacked and I definitely don’t want that happening to us.
  • When Izzy was young (maybe 4-6 months) we started giving her a few minutes alone in her crib before we got her up for the day. I used to think I needed to get her the second she woke up. Then I realized if I needed to finish a few things she was perfectly safe in her crib and I could watch her on the video monitor. It is so important to start healthy sleeping habits early on and I honestly believe a video monitor can help you do that! Now Izzy doesn’t expect me to come get her immediately and she doesn’t mind playing for a few minutes until I get her.

Need more sleep? Read how we used our video monitor to not only capture precious moments, but help our children develop healthy sleeping habits!

  • Lastly, our daughter loves to play outside. After IJ was born I found this more difficult. How was I supposed to get outside with Izzy, but keep an eye on her baby brother. When choosing a video monitor it is vital you get one with a high range. The VTech VM343 comes with up to 1,000 feet of range making it so easy to head outside and play in our backyard while keep an eye on our sleeping baby.

So what about you? Do you think a video monitor is a must for new moms? Although I had my doubts when I was pregnant I am so glad we have video monitors for both of our children. It truly gives me a peace of mind and I not so secretly love peeking in on them when they are asleep or awake in their cribs!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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