Best Toddler Learning Toys

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There are so many great gifts and toys for kids these days. So how do you know which toys to buy? In this gift guide I’m sharing some of our favorite toys for learning. Please notice all of the items listed are non electronic toys. It can be difficult to find toys that don’t include flashing lights and loud music. Sometimes it seems best to unplug and go with the simple wooden toys.

Want to find toys that encourage learning? Check out this gift guide for your toddler.

In our house, we love finding toys that promote problem solving, imagination, creativity and pretend play. We believe non electronic toys are just as engaging and they won’t overstimulate your kids! So here it goes, the list of our favorite non electronic toys for toddlers by learning category.

Motor & Dexterity 

  • Melissa & Doug First Shapes Puzzle: This puzzle is perfect for small hands. The large knobs make it easier for our daughter to manipulate the pieces. As our child gets older and has improved dexterity we upgrade to small peg puzzlesPeg puzzles.
  • Djeco 10 Stacking BlocksStacking Blocks: Increase coordination and motor skills when building a tower with these nesting and stacking blocks. Your children will love making their own creation and knocking it down, over and over again. 
  • ALEX® Toys – Early Learning String A FarmString a Farm: Stringing these farm animals may improve fine motor skills and dexterity. The farm animals are adorable and your children can play with them when they aren’t stringing them together.
  • Step2 All Around Easel for TwoEasel: Your children will love creating their own masterpiece on this easel. When they paint or draw with crayons they build their motor and writing skills without even realizing it.

Imagination & Pretend Play

  • B. Toys Drum SetToy Drum SetOur daughter loves the shaky egg, drum, and tambourine included in this set. We pretend we are in our own band and we play our instruments to her favorite tunes. This drum set promotes imagination and gives sensory input through touch and sound.
  • Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Bella Butterfly Tea SetTea Set: What little girl wouldn’t love this adorable tea set? This is the perfect toy to have a pretend tea party with. It’s so fun to see your children pour you a cup of tea and spoon feed you some sugar.
  • Step2 LifeStyle KitchenPlay Kitchen: Even as an adult I find myself feeling giddy over play kitchens. This play kitchen is perfect for your growing child as it also multiple buttons and drawers to push and pull. Your little one can help you make dinner with his or her own play kitchen.

Thinking & Problem Solving 

  • Hape Shake and Match Shape SorterShape Sorter: Toddlers love to take things in and out of containers. This wooden shape sorter is the perfect toy to promote coordination and problem solving skills.
  • Haba Rainbow House Pegging GamePegging Game: Our daughter loves taking the blocks on and off this peg toy. She problem solves whenever she makes patterns and tries to place the blocks on the pegs. It’s a wonderful wooden toy with endless configurations.
  • Hape Pyramid of PlayPyramid of Play: This is an awesome combination toy featuring nesting blocks and shape sorters all in one. Children use problem solving skills when they build the tower without it falling over. They also have to figure out which shapes go through which holes. 
  • Melissa & Doug Shape Sequence Sorting SetSequence Sorting Set: Another great wooden toy to add to your playroom. Children can sort the objects into groups and begin to identify the different shapes. There are many different ways to play with this toy and for $15 it’s not a bad deal!


  • TOMY Little Chirpers Sorting Eggs Learning ToyLearning toy: As your toddler cracks open these eggs he or she will begin to learn shapes and matching through sorting. It’s a fun learning toy that won’t take up too much space in your play room.
  • First 100 Words Board BookWords Board Book: Books are a great way to connect and teach your child new things. This book has 100 colorful photographs to look at and learn about. It includes 100 simple first words.
  • Melissa & Doug Alphabet Puzzle BookPuzzle Book: Your child will love placing the letters and matching figures in the right spaces in this puzzle book.  This toy exposes them to the alphabet. If you’d like you can use it to talk about letters of the alphabet in a fun way.
  • ALEX® Toys – Early Learning First ScribbleScribble Pad: This is the perfect first coloring book for your toddler. It includes 50 scribble pages and 70 stickers. I know our daughter loves to place stickers all over the house. This scribble pad is durable and includes outlines of pictures so your child can add his or her special touch to the page. 

Gift Guide: Best Toddler Toys for Learning

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