Christmas Decorations – New Favorites This Year

I LOVE Christmas

There is something just magical about this time of the year.  I always test my husbands limits by putting on Christmas music and pulling out the decorations before Thanksgiving 🙂  I tried a few new things this year and I loved how they turned out.
baby salt dough ornament for christmas
We made Izzy’s first salt dough Christmas ornament.  A friend brought the dough and thankfully I was able to get her handprint without her grabbing the dough.  The trick – she was asleep!  Here is a super easy recipe to make your own – Dough Ornament Recipe.
christmas swag for front door 
I love having fresh greens around the house.  It’s super easy to make a swag for your door.  Collect your favorite greens (evergreen branches, berries, pinecones, etc.).  Use wire to tie the greens around tightly at the top and use a glue gun to add your berry accents.
unique christmas card display
I saw this at a friend’s house and I couldn’t wait to go home and try it out.  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery right?  Simply tape a ribbon on the inside of your cabinet and use paperclips to display all the adorable Christmas cards.  I love this because it’s a festive display of Christmas love.
 christmas decorations
Here a few more decorations from around our house.  We couldn’t believe we got our tree for $15 this year.  We are on a budget and we have limited space now that baby toys take over our living room.  This tree was the perfect fit.  One more Christmas tip – tulle.  You can find this at the dollar store or Amazon.  It is cheap and adds the perfect accent to your wrapped gifts.
Lastly, Izzy’s first Christmas card!  Thanks to my dad for helping me pull this photo off.  I found the idea on Pinterest and it was much harder then it first appeared to get the background.  Maybe that will be future post.
baby christmas card photograph

 What were your favorite christmas decorations this year?

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  1. Totally snagging the card display method you snagged from your friend!! It’s SO cute and a great space-saver!!! I found some pretty green ribbon, but now I need paper clips… 🙂

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