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Baby Update – 19 Weeks

So I’ve had a few requests to create a baby update post.  Although I am super excited and love talking about babies, I want to keep a balance with my blog (emotional, spiritual, and physical health is my aim).  I am going to try my best to include more than just babies on my blog, but this post is dedicated to our little one 🙂

How big is the baby?
Our little girl is the size of a mango!  About 6.5 inches long

How I am feeling….
I am starting to finally feel pregnant!  Thankfully I did not get major morning sickness (PTL) and I did not feel many pregnancy symptoms in the first trimester.  Now I am gaining more weight and seeing my little bump reminds me everyday that a life is growing inside of me.  I am also starting to gain some energy back and I am feeling super excited for nicer weather 🙂

What I’m craving…
I have always loved salsa and pineapple, but I find myself craving these foods more often!  One night I ate 3/4th of a pineapple (ahhh).  My husband gets on my case for eating a whole jar of fresh salsa in one sitting haha

How I’m changing…
I have officially transitioned to maternity pants.  I love having an elastic waistband! I can still wear my normal shirts, but a lot of them are too short to cover up the maternity pants.  I am excited for maternity dresses once the weather gets warmer.

Highlights & what I’m looking forward to
The big highlight of the week was finding out we are having a baby girl!!  I am looking forward to starting our registry and picking out pink outfits 🙂

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