10 Month Update

This past month went by so quickly. Sweet IJ, it feels like you just turned 9 months. Now you are officially in the double digits! You now have 6 teeth and you are very mobile. This past month you discovered the stairs and we were finally forced to get a gate. I didn’t realize you knew what stairs were. As I was about to slip in to the bathroom I saw out of the corner of my eye a little baby on the 4th step of the stairs. You seemed so proud of yourself and you flashed me a big smile.

10 Month Update

Our baby boy is 10 months old! Read his monthly update to find out what he has been up to this month.

IJ you are such a joy to be around. You are almost always smiling (except when teething) and you have the best belly laugh. Your sister is good at making you chuckle and she loves doing silly things to get a rise out of you. You are becoming more vocal about what toys you want to play with and you don’t easily give up your favorite toys when Izzy comes around. I’ve been going to a Bible study at your Mia’s church on Wednesdays and you are doing wonderfully in the church nursery. You are there for two hours and I always get a good report. This past Wednesday you had the biggest smile and giggle when you saw me coming to get you. It brightened my day!  

You love seeing what your big sister is up to!

You still love to eat and you eat almost everything we offer you. You are doing a great job drinking from a straw and I’m think we will transition you right from nursing to a straw cup. Now that the weather is warmer and your hair seems to be finally coming in you are getting a few curls popping up. It’s so cute. You also LOVE the water just like your sister. Though you always cry the first few minutes because it is cold. I should have known this would be true because when you were born you disliked being cold and your bottom lip would often quiver. You also enjoyed sitting under the heat lamp at the hospital. After you warm up, you splash and kick all over the pool.


You are such a joy! I try to sneak in my snuggles as much as I can. You are usually really good about being held and giving mommy a hug. I know this won’t last forever so I’m doing my best to get as many baby hugs as I can.

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