Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks

Time is flying this spring! We are so excited for the adventures ahead. We are moving in about a month and before we know it our baby boy will be here. This may sound corny, but one way I connect with the baby growing in my tummy is planning the nursery. I love searching Pinterest and creating fun DIY crafts to make the nursery unique. The physical furniture and baby clothes helps me comprehend, wow a baby is going to be here soon! We recently bought the baby’s mattress and crib. I can’t wait to share his nursery with you in a few more weeks.

So let’s get to the pregnancy update.

Pregnancy update: 24 Weeks With Baby Number Two! Heart of Deborah

How am I feeling?

I am feeling good. I’m loving the warmer weather and it seems to give me more energy. I still occasionally fall asleep before 9 PM, but maybe I can blame that on chasing a crazy toddler around. I’m finding it difficult to get comfortable at night. I LOVE sleeping on my back. As you know that is no longer recommended past 20 weeks. My shoulders start hurting when I sleep on my side. We are on the hunt for a new mattress so I’m hoping that will help. Any suggestions? 

What am I craving? 

I’m still craving fruit, spicy food and bean dip. I’ve been loving mangos recently. They are so inexpensive right now at the grocery store and the sweet juice is just what the baby is craving. 

How I’m changing?

My clothes are getting tighter and my belly is getting bigger. The baby’s kicks are stronger and more consistent. Although he seems to be less active than Izzy so far. My husband is sure this boy is going to be calm and relaxed.

Yard sale finds 🙂

What am I looking forward to?

Last time I couldn’t wait to find out if it was a boy or girl. Now that we know it’s a boy we are searching for the perfect baby name. We will most likely keep it a secret until the end. Although I’m sad to leave our friends, I’m also looking forward to moving and getting the new house set up. We have been going to a lot of yard sales this spring and it’s so fun to find baby boy clothes! I’ve been picking out a lot of clothes with soft colors.

Izzy reading about babies with Daddy.

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