5 Kids Fashion Basics

Do you love kid’s fashion? As a mom I enjoy searching for unique and fun outfits for my daughter to wear. I sometimes can’t help myself when I am looking through kids fashion basics online. Girl’s clothing is just too cute! I’ve found several unique pieces at second-hand stores and yard sales that no one else has, but I also like to search my favorite brands for new outfits. I’ve always been a fan of Garnet Hill Kids. You can tell every piece is well made, distinctive and comfortable. This spring, I was so excited to team up with Garnet Hill and share with you my top 5 kids fashion basics.

5 Kids Fashion Basics

  • Leggings: Who doesn’t love a good pair of comfortable leggings? Izzy wears her gray leggings at least once a week. I’ve found it helpful to have a few pairs of solid colors such as gray, pink or black because they go with everything. When you have a busy printed top it’s nice to pair it with a simple legging. They are also great for layering when it’s still a little cold outside. In the spring Izzy likes to wear dresses and she is more comfortable with a pair of cropped leggings underneath her dress instead of tight, itchy stockings. A few fun patterned leggings are also a must! 

Buying children's clothes? Here are 5 kids fashion basics you need in your children's wardrobe.

  • Jacket/Sweatshirt: I’ve always found it helpful to buy jackets or sweaters that can be used for layering or for transition seasons such as spring and fall. One of my favorite go-to layering pieces this year is an adorable pink and navy micro fleece jacket. It fits perfectly under Izzy’s winter coat for extra warmth on a cold winter day. As we transition into spring it will also be an essential basic in her wardrobe. Even with a basic sweatshirt or jacket you can create a unique look. I love finding bright colors and patterns for Izzy. It brightens the mood on a cloudy day and with a cute headband or hair accessory the fleece really pops.
  • Dress: I used to think dresses were only for special occasions. Now I put Izzy in one whenever I can. I think little girl’s dresses are adorable and guess what? She can still play, run and jump just as easily in a dress. This cotton dress from Garnet Hill is one of my all time favorite outfits for Izzy. I love the pom-pom trim and the decorative stitching. When I shop for dresses I look for something comfortable and versatile. With a cute headband or sweater this dress is perfect for church or with leggings and canvas sneakers it’s perfect for the park.

5 kids fashion basics you need in your children's wardrobe.

  • Basic Tee: As I said earlier I like to find pieces that work well for layering. A basic tee is great for under dresses, sweaters or with a bold printed legging. You can never go wrong with a simple white shirt. I know white can be tricky with kids so I also like I buy darker colors for Izzy’s wardrobe. Let’s be honest, they don’t stain as easily! 
  • Accessories: Our daughter’s hair is super curly and that means she can get crazy bed head. Every since she was little I loved putting headbands in her hair. It adds a fun touch to her outfit and it helps her frizzy hair calm. When it comes to basic accessories you don’t need to go crazy. I like buying solid hair clips or bows as I find they end up working with multiple outfits. Wide brimmed hats or baseball caps are great to keep the sun off your children’s face in the summer and they can add a pop of color to their outfits. Lastly, as Izzy gets older I can’t wait to start buying her some fun necklaces!

What is your favorite basic essential for spring?

We love Garnet Hill Kids clothing. It's unique, well made and comfortable. Read about the 5 kids fashion basics you need in your children's wardrobe.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links for products we love. We also received the micro fleece from Garnet Hill to review. As always the opinions are 100% my own and I was not required to write a positive review. 

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