Called to Be a Wife and Mother

This past year I’ve transitioned from being a working wife to a stay at home mom. It’s been an adventure! In some ways it has been better than I expected and in other ways it is much harder. Although I sometimes miss adult interaction and going to work I feel truly blessed to be able to stay at home with our baby girl. Growing up this was always my dream.

Called to Be a Wife and Mother // Plus Free Printable. Thoughts on parenting, marriage, and motherhood. Heart of Deborah
In today’s world, being a stay at home mom isn’t always enough. It seems like it is a job that no one wants full-time. If you aren’t winning awards or earning promotions, then what do you do all day? With the increase in social media, you can start to believe that other women have it all. A great job, an amazing husband, a thriving family, a clean house and the list could go on.
But we all know that is not a true picture of life. We shouldn’t find our value in what we do, our success or what other people think of us. Our value comes from God. We were created in His image and we are defined by his unconditional love, not our worldly successes.
Recently I stumbled across J.R. Miller quotes about family and motherhood. After I read through them I had a change of heart. It is a privilege to be a wife and a stay at home mom. I create the atmosphere of my home and I can be a blessing to my family. I need to remind myself of this on a daily basis. As a stay at home mom or wife ‘you are enough’ and your job is important. Although you may never win any awards or earn a salary for that matter, you are storing up treasure in heaven by giving selflessly to your family! That’s a prize I don’t want to miss.

Here is a free printable of one of my favorite J.R. Miller Quotes.

Called to be a wife and mother. You create the atmosphere of your home!

What do you like the most about being a stay at home mother or wife? 

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  1. Hi Lauren,

    I just want to say how much I adore your blog. I think I’ve been reading your posts for the past 2 hours! I don’t even know how that happened. Your blogs are all just so inspiring and so sincere and captivating that they really are a joy to read, link after link. I am so pleased I came across your site and am looking forward to reading more in the near future. Thanks for sharing.


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