10 Interactive Children’s Books

Now that Izzy is walking she is having a harder time sitting still for story time. However, one way we know we can get her attention is through interactive books. She seems to gravitate toward things she can do herself. So what do I mean by ‘interactive?’ Books where she can lift a lap, touch something fuzzy, sing a song or touch her nose/eyes/ears, etc. I wanted to compile a list of our favorite interactive children’s books to share with you. This list is broken down into 5 interactive board books for all ages and 5 interactive hardcover books for preschool age and up.

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Board Books for Younger Children

1. Peekaboo Sophie! – Izzy has always loved her Sophie giraffe and we just came across this book at the library. It’s a lift the flap book with different textures to touch throughout the story. Izzy loves the bright pictures and the game of peekaboo. It’s the perfect book to pair with the giraffe toy.

2. Noodle Loves Bedtime – This is one of our favorite night time books. Izzy loves touching the soft lamb and the sticky toothpaste in this story. It’s short, but wonderful and I love hearing Izzy squeal when she sees herself in the mirror on the last page.

3. Pat the Pet – This classic book is now in a fun lift the flip format. As you read this story your child will guess which animal Paul and Judy want as a pet. Children are given hints such as “This pet goes Meow! Meow.” Our daughter loves lifting the flap to find the different animals.

4. Ella’s Bath – Our family loves this national geographic board book. It has flaps to lift on every page and real pictures of Ella the elephant. It’s a fun and engaging story of Ella who wants to cool off in the water. There are other wild tales in this collection such as Charlie and the Banana Monster and Look Out, Cub!

5. Where Is Baby’s Belly Button? – This list wouldn’t be complete without a Karen Katz board book. I love this interactive story because it teaches your child where her body parts are and keeps her engaged in the story by lifting the flaps. It’s a fun book to add to your collection.

Hardcover Books for Older Children

6. Maisy’s World of Animals – Our daughter loves this book, but we have to be careful because the tabs are delicate. It is best for older children who can delicately pull the tabs to see the animals move on each page. We love how this story explores different climates and the animals that live in each area.

7. The Wheels on the Bus – This is an awesome moveable book about the classic wheels on the bus song. The illustrations are beautiful and your children will LOVE moving the parts along with the song. It is best for preschool aged children.

8. Brush Your Teeth, Please – I loved pop up books growing up and I can’t wait to share them with Izzy. She is a little young because of the delicate pages, but I know she will love this silly book when she is older. It’s a great story that will hopefully get your children to love brushing their teeth.

9. Snowflakes – A pop up book that elegantly displays the beauty of a snowflake. A wonderful gift for the holidays and a captivating interactive book that will stay in your family forever. 

10. The Jolly Postman – This was my all-time favorite book growing up. There is something so magical about it and I love the interaction used in this book. The story follows a postman who delivers mail to different fairy tale characters. At each post stop you can read a unique letter. This is a must in your children’s book collection.

What would you add to this list? Do you have favorite interactive children’s books that I missed?

Top 10 interactive children's books for babies and toddlers.
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