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Power Thoughts

Recently I began reading Joyce Meyer’s book Power Thoughts. (it’s only $10 on amazon)  I have found this book to be similar to another one of Joyce’s other books – Battlefield of the Mind.  One difference is she gives you 12 key power thoughts and scriptures to meditate on.  The one I read recently was “I am difficult to offend.”  At first I thought “this chapter won’t be that relevant to me, I’m not easily offended.”  But God quickly told me otherwise. 

Here are some definitions of offend “to transgress the moral or divine law”; “
to cause difficulty, discomfort, or injury”.  

So do I ever break a law?  Sometimes, although I try not to do this purposely.  Do I ever let other people’s negatives views or comments cause me difficulty or discomfort?  Absolutely!  They may not offend me personally, but if I am around people who curse, view the worst in people, and have a negative outlook on life, then it can definitely affect my attitude.  In her book, Joyce Meyers writes “My husband, Dave, has always been difficult to offend.  When he is around people who could hurt him or in situations where he could be offended, he says ‘I am not going to let those negative people control my mood.  They have problems and they are not going to give their problems to me.'”  Now I don’t believe in placing blame on others and ignoring the hurting world.  But I want to get better at being compassionate toward those people while maintaining the unspeakable joy that God has given me!

Here is another excerpt from her book that I love: 

“Why give the control of your day to other people?  Being hurt and offended does not change the people, it only changes us.  It makes us miserable and steals our peace and joy, so why not prepare ourselves mentally not to fall into Satan’s trap?”

I LOVE this!  The world cannot take my joy because the world did not give it to me.  Hope you have a wonderful Sunday 🙂

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