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Spending time in His presence

There is nothing like the presence of Jesus!  He can fill us with unspeakable joy and give us a peace that passes all understanding.  Yesterday I was feeling a little sad because my husband had to go back to work and that meant the holidays were over.  My family is also vacationing in Paris while I’m at home with Izzy. So this morning I was determined to get in His presence.  It’s funny how you can feel disappointed or sad, but when you look heavenward your perspective changes.  I love the comparison with the dot and line.  The dot = our time on earth, the line = our time in eternity.

Thank God I get to spend eternity with my family!  When you put things in perspective there is no time to be sad.  Today I’m thankful that all things are possible through Jesus Christ my Lord & Savior!

spending time in his presence, your blood is sufficient for me

What have you learned recently by spending time in His presence?



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