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My Pregnancy Journey

So wow I haven’t written on here since February!  A LOT has happened and there are so many things to write I don’t know where to start.  First, the pregnancy journey to meeting our baby is over! 

journey to meeting baby

Overall, I had a great pregnancy.  A few things I learned over the course of 10 months (Izzy was 13 days late!)

1.  You can have a plan of how you want things to go, but your timing is not always God’s timing.  It was my goal from the beginning to have a ‘natural’ labor and delivery.  A lot of the women in my family had fairly easy delivers, labor only lasting about 4-6 hours (crazy!).  Despite all my efforts (walking, eating certain foods, bouncing on a yoga ball, etc.) She decided she liked it in mommy’s tummy.  The doctor’s were concerned because I was almost 2 weeks late and the risk of complications increases with every day you wait.  I ended up having to be induced, which was not my first choice.  But God had his reasons for Izzy being late ­čÖé

2.  There is so much advice out there and it can sometimes feel overwhelming, but I’m learning to trust my mommy instincts.  God made us in His image and He gave us certain instincts for a reason.  I’m constantly praying for wisdom and discernment so I go the direction God is leading me with Baby Izzy.  One example – I heard don’t use a pacifier because it can interfere with breastfeeding.  This has not been the case with Izzy and she really seems to enjoy the oral stimulation.  And hey if it gets her to stop crying and go to sleep without me having to rock her 24/7 I’m using it!!

3.  Some advice about your diet that I actually liked:

That is all for now, baby is napping so it’s time I take a nap as well!!
baby girl newborn photograph
baby girl newborn photograph


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