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My Essential Baby Products


essential baby products for your registry

When I created my baby registry I was overwhelmed by all the products out there!  There were so many options, how was I ever going to decide? I read numerous product reviews as well as other mommy blogs to get as much advice as I could.  I have to admit there are some things I purchased that I ended up not using or Izzy didn’t end up liking (I hate wasting things!)  But here are the products that I found to be most helpful and Izzy approved.

Source – Ikea.com



1.  Ikea Baby Gym – Our baby girl LOVES this!  Even at 3-4 weeks old she was captivated by the colors and shapes.  Now she smiles and giggles for at least 15-20 minutes.  That may not sound long, but this is the only thing that keeps her attention for longer than 5 minutes!  And the best part is this play gym is only $29.99!  So much cheaper than a lot of the other play gyms out there and it’s better quality (made from wood instead of plastic).


2.  ERGObaby Baby Carrier {affiliate link} –  Izzy seems to be boycotting her car seat right now, so this carrier has been a saving grace!  She loves snuggling close to mommy and she can last for over an hour in this thing.  It’s perfect to wear around the house so you can get things done (with both hands free) or wear it around any shopping center.

Source – Amazon.com

3.  Boppy Nursing Pillow {affiliate link} – I wasn’t sure how essential this was until I used it!  I’m sure you can go without it, but it does make nursing so much easier.  While using it you don’t hunch over as much and you don’t have to hold up a heavy baby (Our baby was born at 9 lbs).  I also bought the organic cover and it is super soft! 

Source – Amazon.com

4.  Piyo Piyo Baby Nail Scissors {affiliate link} – Izzy’s fingernails grow very quickly and we need to cut her nails frequently to prevent her from scratching herself.  These nail scissors are so much safer than clippers.  They are sharp enough to cut her nails and not her skin.  Definitely invest in a pair of these for $7-8.


5.  FAMILY!  By far this has been the most helpful!  I don’t know what I would do without my husband, parents, and sister.  I know it can be hard to ask for help and let other people do things for you, but it is essential.  Izzy is finally sleeping longer periods at night so I am slowly getting my energy back, but at first I needed every bit of rest I could get.  This meant I needed help with food, cleaning, laundry, etc.  If your family does not live nearby take advantage of friends offering help or consider joining a mommy group in your area.

In the interest of full disclosure, some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  They are all for products I truly believe in and buy for myself.  If you decide to purchase any of these products through these links, I will earn a small commission.  All prices are the same if you decide to purchase through my links.   Thank you for supporting Heart of Deborah! 

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