Encouraging Lunch Box Notes for Kids: Faith Based Edition

Back to school is here and that means it’s time to start packing lunches again. My mom put a note in my lunch every day in elementary school and if she missed it one day I’d always ask her where it was!? Adding a lunch box note is such a small act, but I can tell you it made a big difference in my day.

So when my kids started school I knew I’d keep this tradition up. BUT I’ll be honest some days my brain just can’t think of something “new” or encouraging to write.

That’s why I created these free faith-based lunch box notes! On the days when I don’t have time or energy to write a handwritten note, I can grab one of these out of our junk drawer and stick it in their lunchboxes.

Speak life over your children with these printable lunch box notes. Encourage your children throughout the day with God's promises.

A Note to Moms

First, let me say do not put more pressure on yourself to do all the perfect things for your kids. It is OKAY if you miss a note one day or if you don’t make this a tradition for your family at all.

Too many times I’ve scrolled Instagram or Pinterest and started to worry about all the things I don’t do for my family. I lost focus of all the things, I DO, do for them! Lunch box notes may not be your thing and guess what, that’s okay!

But if this is something you’d like to do be sure to grab your free printable at the end of this post.

What Makes These Lunch Box Notes Different

I created this with the intention of speaking life over our children’s lives and days. Sure many days my notes read “I love you!” and a simple note is perfectly fine. It doesn’t need to be fancy.

But there is something powerful about speaking life over our children and reminding them of who they are in Christ. You can see in these notes I made sure to include some encouraging and uplifting scriptures and Biblical principles.

And before we get to the printable I want to talk about the actual PACKING of the lunch.

This post contains affiliate links for food products we love.

Not sure what to write on your child's lunch box note? Here are 12 free printables to cut out and stick in their lunch box each day at school.

I know a lot of moms care deeply about their children’s spiritual AND physical health. We are intentional about feeding our spirits and our bodies. One way we keep our bodies strong is by finding healthy fruits and vegetables to snack on.

But many kids don’t want to see broccoli in their lunchbox, am I right!? That’s why we love Once Upon a Farm. We discovered the pouches when our youngest child was born, but I can say our entire family snacks on these.

The tropical twirl is a family favorite. It’s a yummy, healthy snack with zero added sugar.

We love Once Upon a Farm for lunch box snacks and I have a special treat for you, if you use INSPIRED_20 you'll get 20% off your first subscription box.

And I have a special treat for you, if you use INSPIRED_20 you’ll get 20% off your first subscription box.

Trust me you’ll love all the flavors! Check out the flavors here.

And that’s it! You can download the free 12 notes below and be sure to share them with your friends. If you pack them in your lunch box tag @inspired.motherhood on Instagram to share.


What are your favorite lunch box snacks? Do you write notes for your kids? Share with us in the comments below!

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